Black Poetry : RESPONSE

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    The climate and conversation we engaged in started with a butterfly wings flutter
    As time passed and conversation continued; one thing lead to another
    One topic bleeding into the next, well placed words found their position
    A continual flow of verbal discourse segmented with smooth transition
    With changing topics and the closure of distance, nothing was left to chance
    Her hands found their way to my inner thigh; mine, to the back pockets of her pants
    Then another transition of sorts took place, very subtle, nothing estranged
    As we began to fondle each other, the topics and the rate of conversation changed
    Through my trousers, she played with my private parts; a memory that lingers
    She unzipped my pants and fondled my loins with her lady fingers
    Hard and excited after being welcomely molested
    She put her lips to my joystick, an action that went uncontested
    This action was unexpected, unsolicited … and unsung
    She gave me the full treatment of her lips, teeth and tongue
    Drawn in by her oration of sorts, giving in to what she wants
    She wants more of me, I can tell … gauged by her response

    I felt inspired to rhyme in the presence of this doting dame
    With a lecherous libido that – right then – wasn’t tame
    But before I surrendered to passionate throws
    I moved on to verbalize my matching prose
    I proceeded with my recital … I quoted her a verse
    One thing leads to another … this we did not rehearse
    She slowly clutched her left breast and gave it to me from which to nurse
    I took suck to her nipple, and to new depths of sensuality we would immerse
    I sucked her t**** like a new born babe being breast fed
    She held me to her bosom and cradled the back of my head
    She stroked my crown; my ears; the back of my neck; the side of my face
    I gently bit her left nipple while down her spine, my fingers would trace
    She has my erection pointing to the top shelf
    As I watched her swirl her p**** and play with herself
    With legs wide open … she teases and taunts
    Granting me permission to pleasure her center … signaled by her coy response

    I went down on the lady … with all due respect
    This is something that the lady did not expect
    Brining out her inner freak right before her eyes
    With the sight of my head in between her thighs
    I kissed the sides of her vagina before licking her squish
    She twitched … come to find out, she was ticklish
    She said “Baby, that tickles, but it sure feels good”
    It is at that point when I spread back her clitoral hood
    I made a wish as I tasted of clitoral glory
    I’m in her squish, licking her lips with strokes that has her moving in this story
    My tongue moves like a hunting dog giving chase
    I stroked her to orgasm and she came on my face
    I’m licking her like a child licking an ice cream cone; she was far from irate
    With my nose and mouth in warm moist flesh, I made her hips and a** gyrate
    I ate her p**** as I would eat buttery flaky croissants
    She enjoyed the cunnilingus and f***ed my face … giving an unrestrained response

    I engaged her; I mounted her … stimulating further entry
    Coupled coital connection guided by passions sentry
    She closed her eyes and with a hiss she gives release
    It is at this point when we start our opposing motion, the conversations cease
    The fingers from her right hand traced my spinal column down to where my back splits
    The fingers from her left hand swirled a celebrated cl**
    She communicated her approval with the tracing of her finger tips
    And the swerving of her pelvis … the movement of her hips
    The smell of mint on my breath freshly scented our space
    As she inhaled, I exhaled … minty freshness in her face
    Along with the cologne on my body – matters of olfactorial blessedness
    Good scents and good sex sent subliminal messages
    I heard her grunt as she came, her initial orgasm sprayed and soaked
    Her hands were on my a**, pulling me into her with each stroke
    She moved to my rhythm, and we grooved like sexual savants
    She loved my motion in her cavity, I could tell by her response

    She wound and ground her p****, making herself a living verb
    And moments after she really f***ed me, in the truest sense of the word
    With her energy and fervor she f***ed me till I was sore
    She f***ed me to orgasm … until I felt I could c*m no more
    She moved her hips with a jockeys’ expertise
    She put her p**** down like baby oil, with a feel as slick as grease
    She rode me like a wild stallion caught by a horse wrangler
    The vice grip she had on my functioning erectile made like a strangler
    She put it down like a road worker laying down asphalt
    She put it down like big momma cooking soul food with salt
    She put it down like rain falling from a black rain cloud
    She put it down like the foot traffic of a marching crowd
    She glazed my d*** with the juices of her uterine seasoning
    She had me going every which way … it was beyond reasoning
    We rolled and we stirred up a motion, of which she later vaunts
    She wanted more, as did I … I felt it in her response

    I was watching her bounce with her back to the sheets
    We had a definite rhythm, having sex to our own beats
    Vigorously humping, pushing my wand through her stack
    I put my mouth to her ear and said in a whisper “feel free to f*** me back”
    She put her hands on my a** in the middle of our groove
    In a whisper of her own she said “turn over and don’t move”
    We rolled and I was on my back, still standing in her walls
    Her, making sure I’m in after the rotation – playing with my balls
    Straddled and saddled on my pelvis, this miss did her dance
    My legs a cradle for her back, she took a kneeling stance
    The way she slid up and down on my d***, she leaves it slick as she waxes
    She has my head goin’ ‘round, like a globe spinning on it’s axis
    I felt the muscles in her p**** as she contracts and relaxes
    She gave it to me so d*** good she had me wanting to pay her tithes and her taxes
    When she finished f***ing me I felt as if I were part of a sexual renaissance
    And all I could picture in the back of my mind were the pictures of her response

    Standing, she leaned forward – a** up – deliberate posture, so to speak
    Supporter herself with her right hand, while with her left she spread her left cheek
    Penetrating familiar surroundings; easing in nice and snug; not rough
    As many times as I’ve penetrated punany pleasures, I still can’t get enough
    Holding her hips, I spanked her tender a** with the front of my frame
    Responding to the f***, she proceeded in calling my name
    In between sighs she called me “uh”, “ah”, “ooh”, and “oh baby”
    She let out a mid volume scream while I worked her lady
    Like a well timed machine, out bodies slid, slipped and slapped
    With a firm grip on her hips, with each thrust, our bodies clapped
    We struck up a groove … f***ing without pause
    If you were to eaves drop it would have sounded like a one-man applause
    The tone of her voice change as I quickened the pace
    Pouncing on her backside, while holding her hips in a firm embrace
    The storm clouds of orgasm are looming, a feeling so close that it haunts
    I could tell she was about to c*m, by the posture of her response

    She shudders as she stands, releasing her a** cheek
    She flutters in a dance, quivering while her p**** leaks
    She stutters while in her stance leaned forward, she can barely speak
    She mutters mute commands, signaling the satisfaction of her inner freak
    She shivered in orgasmic aftershocks from moments after so, such she -
    In an impassioned plea cloaked in a sigh she said “don’t touch me”
    The frequency of her orgasmic seizures lessened as little was said
    When her p**** stopped pulsing and she stopped quaking, she collapsed on the bed
    She had a sheen about her forehead and a spark in her eye
    Her breathing was labored; she talked in a whisper and a sigh
    The mood of sheer ecstasy shifted and switched
    I went to caress her bottom and when I touched her, she twitched
    She closed her eyes and smiled a smile that was as welcoming as a Christmas wreath
    Her gratitude was expressed as she slid her tongue long her teeth
    She touched my hand in a way that said that I satisfied her objective flaunts
    A simple culminating gesture … indicated by her response

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2007
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    when can i see the movie version?



    just teasin' salt

    this was hot man i can't find the words

    because words don't do justice

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    I can always count on you to get on this thread and set it a



    Much Luv
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    This was erotic fire, poet. Blazzin write.
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    Wow, that was funky, fa sure! ha haha
    Umm.. amazing to me that you can put it all on paper. I got to give ya props. That was an experience ha ha ha

    hee, hee, hee

    Flow like ya know! :hulk:

    Desert Storm
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    A response to "RESPONSE"

    Street So'ja, hey man, the movie ... you know how that goes. You probably saw it in your mind as you were reading :toast:

    RICH ... U da Man

    :geek: 4EVERLUV, you are a sweetheart. You encourage me to keep on writing

    watzinaname, I like to say to you (and RICH) thank you for not banning me from the site :)

    Dessert Storm ... thanx for finding the heat in this piece

    Thank you all for reading. I appreciate it more than you know