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    White Devil?

    If there is anyone in here that believes the white man is the devil, I pose a question...I've been wondering for quite some time. Does belief make a bi-racial child half devil?

    My Response: "Democracy OR Hypocrisy: All Races Have Devils"



    Mike If you haven't read story's thread, then stop by spirituality and religion if you can.

    our people are confused beyond belief and miseducated :confused:
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    PoeticDelight: It's All In How You Handle Yourself!

    Hey PD: Don't sweat the 'white devil' routine. If one reads the scriptures, they KNOW that the devil don't have a color. Jesus Christ does not have an earthly color as well.

    There ARE folk who 'act like the devil'.

    And, as you get will find a lot more stuff surfacing. My man RICH has schooled me on a few things; and so has Destee. We 'old schoolers' have seen this stuff before.

    If you have read my other post...which was quite long...and general...let me just say that YOUR generation is the best trained, best equipped, and best loved generation of black folk on the PLANET. There is a LOT of jealousy out there because of the talent YOUR generation has.

    Y'all are destined for GREATNESS.

    Because those of us who cleared the way before you are GREAT as our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents SUFFERED at the hands of segregation, Jim Crow, slavery, and oppression.

    Those of MY generation are the FIRST post-segregation era African Americans, and products of the Civil Rights movement--which we WON! Because of folk being willing to spend time in prayer and on the move when the opportunities have been presented.

    Don't believe the Hype! Work the education you got, and help others to work what they have. Black folk in this country are worth, and earn more than 625 Billion a year...but we DON'T spend much of that within our communities.

    Many of those who bark against you are jealous of what you have in your hand...that degree. They want to talk you over to the bitter buddy side...and sidetrack your progress.

    As I said, Don't believe the Hype!

    Stay strong, and focus your eye on the prize. Because the day WILL come when a young person will be on the other side of your desk, asking the same questions you are asking now.

    And, you will have the truth to share with them.

    Read my take on Reparations, just to give you an idea as to what REAL challenge lay ahead for our next generation.

    America...Check Please!

    Mike Ramey
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    so true i agree Mike u hit it on the head ....
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    there is no rationale for such terms, at least not in a literal sense.

    "if" any people were the devil it would be white folks, but as it stands - the idea that they are children of some demon is pretty small minded.

    socieities refine characteristics and behaviors. hopefully they create and refine good ones. sometimes they dont. white people have certainly had their fair share of trouble with creating and refining ethical behavior. they are certainly the most "bad mannered" among us - but devils?
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    Sep 21, 2003
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    definately small minded.
  6. Anwar Aswad Ami

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    The color of the Devil?

    I read about the white man being the devil. I agree that he is brutual and evil. I also Found, what I believe to be love, satan and sin in the christan religion. Satan or the Devil is without color. I want to share something I wrote. I called it "Christian love."

    Christian Love

    This is about the goings on among Christians in and out of the church. Christians don’t just hate Jews and Muslim, and other Non-Christians. They also hate other Christians, including their own church members. Yes, church members from their own church and congregation. Personally I know a lot of Christians(Baptist, Catholic, and Lutheran, and etc.). I know more Christians than in any other religious groups. In addition, I know many Jews, Muslims, Native Indians and Rastafarian. I don’t think man understands that God created man. Man-made religions the walls that divide us. During the crusades the Christians killed more people in the name of religion than any other group in history.
    The state of mind I am directing this to is to show the love Jesus talked about, “To love thy neighbor as thyself.” Most people can’t possibly, love thy neighbors, if they can’t love themselves. Love of self. To thy self be true. God does not live in a place where confusion roams, a place where there is fussing and fighting. Even if the mind is a place full of confusion, bad thoughts, envy, plots, and deceitfulness. God will not live there. Even in the church there is cliques, power games, ego tripping, arguing, fussin’, fightin’, low rankin’ and top rankin’. This shows we are lying’ to the children by the actions of our visible character. This one blowing his own horn or by buying a front row seat.
    In describing his earthly mission, Jesus said, The Lord “hath anointed, Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.” Luke 4:18. This was his work. He went about doing good and healing all that was oppressed by temptations (Satan). His work gave evidence of his divine anointing. Love, mercy, and compassion were revealed in every act of his life; his heart went out in tender sympathy to the children of men.
    Jesus did not suppress one word of truth, but he uttered it always in love. He exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful, kind attention in. His intercourse with the people. He was never rude not even to the heathens, never needlessly spoke a severe word, never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul. He did not censure human weakness. He spoke the truth, but always in love. He denounced hypocrisy, unbelief, and iniquity; but, tears were in his voice as he uttered his scathing rebukes. He wept over Jerusalem, the city he loved, which refused to receive him, the Savior, but he regarded them with pitying tenderness. His life was one of self-denial and thoughtful care for others. Every soul was precious in his eyes.
    Jesus lived a way of life, in which one should mimic every day, with the way you; think, reason, believe, eat, dress, and the way you treat people, you come in contact with every day, which comes back to loving our neighbors. This means always being positive in your action which is what you are judged by. Your actions. If you have the action of a thief, nobody will call you a thief but your thoughts and actions makes it a reality. Also, it’s very important not to waste words’ backbitin’ and spreadin’ rumors, which are lies against someone. Truth is not a rumor. When you tell the youth the truth, you receive a blessing for it and you must live what you say. You must realize God gives you so many words to say in a life time, so why do we waste words through idle chatter and non-productive bull craps?
    Let us jump back to discord! Fussin and fightin’ it’s a fact a house full of confusion is not a home. God does not dwell in a house full of confusion. If a home is, where no confusion roam, that means nobody in the home (church) is confused. Then there would be no fussin’ or fightin’. Isn’t it a fact? If you argue, you are praying to the devil. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc. Do we respect each other? Do we respect ourselves? Do we love each other in a Jesus kind of way, with no conditions? Do we love ourselves? What kind of feelings, do we have in the church? Do we speak to some and some we don’t? What kinds of an example do we set for the little people? Do we teach them to lie by lying to them? Do we teach them a simple tale like, “tell them I’m not at home?” Now the little people have been taught to lie for you. Now they know you are a liar. Because you teach them to lie. So lying becomes a way of life.
    Now this . . . is the reap, what you sow part. So when the children start lying to you. You get upset. Now here come the tricky part and the mind . . . blowing part. You ask why are you lying? Your child is not going to commit suicide, by saying, you taught me to, so that why I’m lying. The child may be standing before a Judge and a jury he won’t say to save his life. My mother or father had taught me to lie as a child. How can he say that without fear or embarrassment? This is a real life experience about making children lie: the phone rang, I told my son if it’s for me I’m not at home. He held a brief conversation and hung up the phone. I asked who it was? He told me, Calling my wife’s name. I asked why didn’t he let me talk to her, he politely told me that “you told him to tell whoever it was, you wasn”t at home.” I then had to call her back at work to report what I had done. You see I had him lie to his stepmother. Can you imagine how I felt?! I apologized to both of them and I said I would never have him lie for me again. Teaching our children to lie, also teaches them to steal, and to kill.
    We are the example makers for the youth, the fruit of our future. They listen as we criticize and belittle each other, looking for the down fall of each other. Now back to the Church, now back to the home. Can you see the confusion? The mental illness? Where’s the caring? The sharing? The consideration? The respect and the love? Why can’t we tell the truth? Why do we lie when the truth is so near? We always know the truth first, but to us truth is embarrassing and also the light. If you tell the truth every day, you walk with God I say. A house of God is where no confusion roams. Is a Church really where God lives? . Is God housed in a steeple? If Jesus was a way of life, We must learn his way. He was raised with the Old Testament teachings. We, must have the same attitude (positive, creative, nurturing each and everyday 24-7) the children would see our way. They would honor thy Father and Mother. They only see the example we set for them to see. Let us teach them the greatest commandment of all “love thy neighbor as thy self.” If we cannot love in the home, how can we love outside of the home? So now I hope you see that we are teaching our children unconsciously to do wrong. By passing down thing’s, we are taught from generation, to generation.
    We teach our children to do wrong by the things we say and do!
    Why can’t we see this Satan? This Satan, this Devil as a state of mind, formed by man’s personal ideas of his power and completeness and sufficiency apart from God. Satan assumes various forms in man’s consciousness, among which may be mentioned is egotism, puffing up of the personality; and the opposite of this self depreciation, which admits the “accuser” into the consciousness. The “accuser” makes man believe that he is inherently (inborn) evil. Heaven is nothing more than conscious harmony. When this harmony is invaded by a thought, averse to the divine law, then and only then is there Satan, and war in heaven. When the Christ declares the truth, error thinking falls away. That is Satan, falling from heaven as lightning.
    We must also understand about demons, or evil spirits, they are nothing more than conditions of the mind, or states of consciousness, that have been developed because the creative power of man has been used in an unwise or an ignorant way. If in thought or in words you are using your creative power in an ignorant way, You are bringing forth an ego or a personality of like character. The mind builds states of consciousness that becomes established in brain and body. Both good and evil are found in the unregenerated (unborn) man. But in the new birth, evil and all its work must be cast out of him or her. The work of every over comer is to cast out of himself, the demons of sin and evil, through the power and dominion of his indwelling Christ.
    Obsessions, dual-personalities, and all mental aberrations (abnormal action or state) are the result of personal error or thoughts crystallizing around the will of man. Thoughts are things, which can be controlled and regulated. The thoughts of men ultimate in their bodies and environments. When men realize this, they will proceed to cultivate their thoughts more carefully than they do their fields. By casting out by denial all undesirable thoughts and planting by affirmation all good thought’s man will soon find himself surrounded by a universe of beauty and harmony only. And so it is! All sin, sickness, poverty, and death will disappear! And so it is!
    What you teach them is what they are going to know. What you plant is what’s gone grow. The Pharisees will stand back while you fuss and fight saying to themselves, these religious people will never, ever unite. One person’s sacrifice, is another person’s salvation.
    We must use this power of choice, wish, desire, self-control and determination. We must exercise the will to determine, decide, acclaim as the act of will to choose to do right or wrong and be the perfect example for our children. Because the children are the fruit to our future.
    Let’s have one God, One Aim and One Destiny and we will be free of this spiritual jail, living in our own hell.
    Let’s learn the true value of love and then and only then will we become Christie and have a real, Christian love.

    “If your mind ain’t level. It belongs to the Devil.”

    Copyright 1996 Jahway Anwar Aswad Amir

    If satan is a created being and placed in our minds. Then Satan is of all colors.So it be then, that there are Afrikan Americans devils, just as there are devils in all races and colors.
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    yes, there are black devils too, but there is something else going on with white doesn't have to be hateful to notice certain traits about people that transcend individuality and become a group, the musicality of blacks, the taciturn nature of asians, the brutality of europeans, the expression of cultural mores that span hundreds if not thousands of years.

    people are people, individuals deserve to be considered as individuals and not as representatives of their 'groups', but by rejecting outright the observations of africans, native americans and asians over so long a time is not only nieve, but dangerous.