Black People : Resident's of San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Austin, Portland and Chicago

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    Rent great cars from people nearby. Join for free.

    Instantly rent your neighbor's car. Choose from a Prius to a Tesla! Rates start at $5/hr including insurance and no membership fees. Unlock from the app and drive. Earn up to $10k/yr sharing your car.

    Earn up to $10,000 per year renting your car when you aren't using it.
    Getaround is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows drivers to rent cars from private car owners, and owners to rent out their cars for payment. Owners set their rental prices and earn a 60% commission from their rental revenue.

    Zipcar is an alternative program.

    Area served urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria

    Recent years have seen the creation of many Zipcar competitors. Traditional car rental companies have replicated Zipcar's short-term car rentals with programs including Hertz on Demand, Enterprise's WeCar, UHaul's Uhaul Car Share, and Daimler's Car2Go. Regional competitors exist, such as City CarShare in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mint in New York and Boston, I-GO in Chicago, among others. Peer-to-peer car sharing startups include RelayRides and Getaround. Zipcar has even inspired many international clones such as eHi in China, Zazcar in Brazil, and Zoom, India's first car-sharing organization, just to name a few.
    The cars offered are nice. If you ever want to test drive a Tesla, or a BMW or something offered this is a great way to cheaply rent one for a weekend. If I get a lump sum of cash, I plan on buying a car and registering it in the Getaround program. I have looked into the program. The car registered has to be less than five years old. My lastest model is 2009 just off the grid of acceptance.

    In good maintenance and working order and the community will help you pay it off. I suppose in lean times the fact it is a business vehicle there are tax advantages, and being able to write off the cost of the car as well.