Black Poetry : Repost (Breath)


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Apr 6, 2001
Breathe or you will die
Says my mind to my chest
As you slowly move the marvelous way only you can do

Original woman must have moved that way is what my mind thinks of your display.

To capture your beauty with pen in hand will take the skill
Of a greater man

Forgive me for not seeing what was plainly there
But what I saw you in
is the designer ware of your original day here

You are tall and one look at those beautiful long thighs makes the strongest of men recognize you as an awesome prize.

You are short with all the treasures of a women twice your size.

You are big naturally and make no apology
for you hold the secretes of a women’s embrace.

You are small but never short

You are young and perfect to the eye,
knowing the secrete is to stay that way inside.

You are seasoned with wisdom and beauty
And because of the love you share, life has blessed you with timeless grace.

You are of many hues, and of all,
A thing of beauty

Best of all you are You
“Queen Supreme”

And your beauty awes me

Time and time again


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