Black Poetry : Reply to Hodee "Im hurt but I still love you!"

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    Hodee , Hodee my love I wish you knew how I felt

    I wish you knew that you are in my thoughts

    How I wish I could lay beside you if only for one night

    But this love I have for him is deep

    It's like I'm blinded by the way he loves me

    But is it love or lust

    Then you a man willing to wipe the tears from my face

    Willing to put your needs last just to see me gain

    Baby I'm sorry I wish I could take this pain away

    I'm afraid

    To love you

    I don't want to hurt you

    You must understand I never meant to hurt you
    or mislead you
    I love you but I love him more
    I know that I could be happy with you
    Fulfilled with you
    But he is deep in my veins like a junkie to heroin
    Hodee come for me
    Comfort me like always
    Hold me Hodee never let me go
    I just need time, time to figure out what is best for me
    You just wait and see
    Thank you for being the caring man that you are
    My Superstar
    My Superman

    You are everything a woman want and need

    I can't forget how we met

    I can't forget your smile

    I can't forget how you were there for me

    Sometimes it is hard to not think of you

    I want you like you want me

    Do you know how hard it is to lie next to a man with
    you on my mind

    Or when we make love I wished it was you

    Hodee, my love being torn between you and him is
    driving me crazy


    Even tho' I know you want me to be your lady


    I wish I was too
    But I'm in love with my boo

    I know its hard baby but continue to hold me down like always

    Baby I promise I will be there for you when you need me

    But right now he needs me, and I guess I'm saying I need him

    Baby don't give up on me
    Continue to be

    My friend, my confidante I love you
    Love you Hodee

    You must believe the words that pour from my pen

    I wish I could turn back the hands of time
    Because if I could
    I would

    Be with you ba.........

    I know as long as I got you I will never be lonely..........
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    Nevar, you have such a talent for slipping comfortably into someone's poetic shoes and just letting it flow. Enjoyed this write.
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    I still love you too NEVAR

    I would never interfere... I do not want to be the one to cause pain. I don’t want to be a thief and take what is not rightfully mine.

    You offer arms that give pleasure, and a heart that eases pain. You have a lot to give.

    I hope your man leaves you breathless.
    I hope he leaves you wanting more.
    I hope he keeps it coming for you.
    You deserve him and whole lot more.

    If he takes you there.
    If his love have you gripping the sheets.
    If he sends your heart a flutter.
    With him I shouldn’t compete.

    If he takes you as you are.
    Not measuring your past.
    Not judging your deeds
    that is a love that will last.

    Does he fulfill your spiritually?
    Does he satisfy you physically, sexually and ease your mind mentally?
    Other words if he takes good care of you.
    How much more could a man like me do?

    Be in heaven with your man.
    If he gives you confidence, commitment and hope.
    Those things are rare.

    You accepted him.
    They must be there.

    It took me most of my life to realize.
    There is no relationship unless a woman wants it.
    There is no conversation.
    There is no getting her time and attention or love.
    That is power a woman has... she choses a man, a man doesn’t chose her. So keeping a relationship together is charged with her.

    A man must know this; understand that being chosen by a woman is special.

    One question and one challenge have to put to a man.
    He must answer right away and he must say “ yes “ ... not any other word.

    Ask him... “ Could you be with only me? “ this question stops all other choices and power other woman outside has over your man.

    Then give him all of your undivided love.


    I know how you feel.
    I know you well enough to know your thoughts.

    Those for me.
    Those for others.
    That is what makes you so special.

    Wow when I read this.
    It blew me away.

    To be with you.
    You love sincere.
    I could be fulfilled with you too.

    One night would snow ball into eternity with you.
    I hesitated and someone true has won your time and heart.

    He should always be ready, but not have to after you say I do.
    To compete for the heart and love of you.

    Congratulations on your July dream come true.
    So I bow down to him and give all my best hope and love you and him.

    I hope I will always be somewhere in your heart, keep me only in a small place so I can’t interfere with your focus.

    Please don’t ask me to interfere.
    Your destiny is now with him.

    I know what you mean when you say to me. “ Come for me “ I gave you a special way to come to me.

    No one has ever been given that before.
    I needed to have your full attention.
    I needed your attention and time.

    I can express.
    Myself so much better face to face.
    I only want what is best for you.
    You will always be special.

    Was I your superman you made me strong?

    Was I your superstar you made me shine?

    Put your nuptials on HIGH.
    Focus your whole being on your love in sight.
    Let me go.

    I don’t want to be a wedge between your happiness and destiny.
    Be totally focused and in love with your Boo.

    He does love you.
    He is there for you.
    He would.
    Like I would dive in front of an on coming car, to save you from harm.

    “ Right now he needs me, and I guess I'm saying I need him “

    You say he needs you.
    I know how that feels.

    If he shows it, if he says it.
    He does.
    You need him!

    Don’ turn back the hands of time.
    Look forward to your future.

    You will find. Love never dies... it lingers.

    I like to say.

    Sometimes the skeletons of the past... kick open the door
    of the closet they are kept in... and dance about the room.

    DANCE with them... and put them back after enjoying
    the joy memories and smiles some of them can bring.
    Those that bring sadness. Lock out.

    “ I know as long as I got you I will never be lonely.......... “

    This skeleton has a key. You will never, NEVAR be lonely!

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    Great flows...^5
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    some real ish here poet