Black Poetry : replete* (inspired by GA_Sunshyne


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Mar 26, 2001
someplace dreams are made of
student, advocate to change the world
sean lay replete.

universes above and below he keep a keepin' on--
but he--
can't do much but lie awake at night--
he count creases in the ceilin' and--
speak your name thou dem dark hours--
he lay him head back--
mind heavy with you and
dream of yo lips kissin' him where--
dreams are whispered--
and kept secret--
he see you sleepin' in his mental--
and smile stars across him face--

juss glad u can ress--

he don't be tired eitha--
he juss lay replete--
he feels july
restin' next to him when he feel you there
you and he salsa on the roof in him mind--
he daydream you
hopin' you daydream him
hopin' you long for him
hopin' you reach for him
anticipatin' da next *butterfly kiss*

an' replete in the same head--
you sleep an' he--
grabs popcorn--watchin' yo dreams
fascinated wit every alla you--

him da ocean
she da moon

unparalled pull*
and he come eve'ytime
in dreams--

thoo it all...

him lay replete like--
he ain't even thinkin'.



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