Black People : Replacing the fasting date...(fasting members)


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Apr 26, 2004
:look: Hi fam....

For the members who responded on the fasting...

for fasting for the members of destee,s place...

I Replace the date of fasting....
cause i realy want to do it together.....
actually we have to ......cause i am not that strong :lift: to fast for so manny i probebly wouldt survive it .....
I mean i can not force you to not do it everyone is free...
i mean i have already started this weekend ..
but i realy think it could be powerfull if we do it together..
I also thought that it maybe could be an idea for the family reunion..
and maybe we should start simply by just praying wich mzblackangel was talking about in an other topic...
see how that will go..........
so we canceled now for the upcomming weekend....

Now i havent heart anything of the other members except for lovely golden one and harvest moon...about the fasting date...
that is why i also want to replace it...

I also needed to know first of you all if you would have someone with you that day and if you would take full responsibility...
Not that you hear later ""i fainted auroraflower its youre fault""
i also wanted to know ...
have you fasted before ...?

what is youre condition..
are you ok not sick ...
And are you mature enough to...
know thyself if you can fast from 7oclock in the morning untill 7,oclock in the evening...

I maybe thought it might be an idea..
that we would do it on a day when people are home and can come into the chat...

and than we talk and play gospel ...
keep eachother up...during the fasting day...(no dont go and play that somebody....faint...)
maybe read some uplifting poetry.....
maybe people want to share....

and than finish the day together.
with an encouriagement toast. :eek: ......

Lol i imagined seeying some people.. running to the fridge...

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