Black Poetry : Repetitious Joy


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
Slow mix a vibe of sensual joy

to soothe the hunger in your mind

Reiterate endlessly the {you and me}

that makes our bliss so {mellow}ly nice

Duplicate on the real the recurrence

of pure unadulterated ecstasy defined

Reciprocate the reciprocity in me that

replicates two souls bound and intertwined

Hear the reverberation of superb

lyrical and spiritual repetitious joy

I echo your name in my mental

so sweet and delectably fine

Please hurt me slow and passionately

for a thousand lifetimes to come

Repeatedly the joy of me makes

love to your mind with silent whispers

Devouring the words we breathe so

heavenly and earthly divine

This groove you exude has me moved

Thinkin' some horizontal contractions

I feel there's a need to balance our

chemical and physical reactions

Your joy drug has inflicted me with a

shot straight to my stimulated heart's passage

in time…

I get an adrenaline rush {just to lust} for you

and only you…

The steady flow of you injected in

my system has me sprung and

oh so high…

Loving your body

~~~~~~~~~~~~over~~&~~over~~& over


I've found a repetitious joy

in you…


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