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    To: CEOs of Aetna Inc., American International Group, Lloyd's of London, New York Life Insurance Company, Southern Mutual Insurance Company, FleetBoston Financial Corporation (Bank of America), AFSA Data Corporation, Brown Brothers Harriman, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank (Bank One), Lehman Brothers, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Brown and Williamson, Liggett Group Inc., Loews Corporation (Lorrilard), Canadian National Railway, CSX Corporation, Norfolk Southern Corp., Union Pacific Railroad, and Westpoint Stevens Inc.

    We, the undersigned members of the consuming public, are outraged to learn that you, through your predecessors in interest, played a role in the enslavement of African people.

    According to reports, you are accused of benefiting from: stealing African people from their homelands, torturing them to keep them enslaved, stealing their labor, raping African women, and breeding humans like cattle. All of this was done for your economic gain.

    Some of you have chosen to lie to the consuming public, on your websites and in other public communications, about the roles you played in slavery. We find this behavior disgraceful.

    Today you are multi-billion and trillion dollar entities, while African Americans are still struggling to overcome the vestiges of slavery -- discrimination in housing, employment, education, economic development opportunities, and healthcare opportunities, to name a few. All this, while you continue to grow richer off the fruits of their enslaved African ancestors’ labor.

    We demand that you take responsibility for your present consumer fraud, and your historical crimes against humanity.

    We urge your institutional investors to demand that you do the same.

    Tell the Truth! Pay the Debt! Reparations Now!

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