Black People : Reparations could prevent the next Ferguson

hmmm im really not sure on this in terms of reperations preventin another ferguson - just seems to me with say the germans the reperations came after, a long time after the event... but here we have the event still goin on - i dont know enough world history to know but is there a case anywhere where payin reperations was the cause of the end of the thing people were payin the reperations for? im not against reperations at all - just not quite sure how it would stop somethin like ferguson happenin again
Folks need to let reparation go. I can not stand the thought of us asking the government to give us anythang. They don't care, you can't make them care......get over it. If they ain't gave us the money by now...we ain't gone get it. Everybody else got it but us. Stop begging, because that is what it has become. Do they owe us....absolutely, but how can you beg the same system that you fight against? Have some pride. I'm sick of hearing about it. Instead of begging folks for something that they ain't gone give you, open a business. Open a soup kitchen. Get a degree where you can help people in your neighborhood, or us in general. Open a cafe where people can express themselves, tutor kids and adults. There are a plethora of things that we can do as a people other than beg folks for some dam money. What are we doing as a whole with the wealth we have now? What makes people think extra money gone help us get right?
Why would reparations prevent another Ferguson? So they give us some money and some land. Then pull another King/Garner/Ford/Crawford/Brown/Martin what will happen then. Would reparations prevent you from being angry and protesting. Or are you under the impression that if they give us reparations their mind set towards us will change?


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