Black People : Reparation+Repatriation=Afrodescendant Statehood=African Resurrection

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Dear beloved, as I often say, it is Time for us to be brave enough to condemn the lie and elevate the Truth, if Africa and the Africans are to be saved and rescued from our misery that we receive from the world.

    It matter not how much we may attempt to put our spin on Reparation and give it our own frail and fatal meaning but the gods of our Ancient African Ancestors have so declared what the meaning and purpose will be and the devil , Satan that old Lucifer will not be able to change what has been destined to be and that is, Africa and the African, the Carbon Nation and Akebulan, how ever you want to so identify us and the land our Cosmic Ancestors placed us upon, the fact remain that Reparation was predestined to be the vehicle that will carry us, the AfroDescendants back Home, obeying the universal rule of law of cyclical motion.

    Our Ancient African Ancestors Theological Teaching, so prophesized all that we the children of the gods will so experience, because of our turning away from the gods of our Mother, through whom the great God the creator so directed to bring Its image and Likeness to this planet that we know of as Earth, representing the New Beginning upon a New and distant planet of the cosmos.

    Beloved we can not deal with Reparation sufficiently until we understand its true meaning and its True cosmology, as it relate to the Cosmic Carbon Beings in this world on this earth.

    We must learn all over again that we the children of the gods are not of this world , just in it and it is the world we should not be concerned with but the obedience to that which created us.

    It is the world that need us and not us the world, but as long as we comply with the switch that has been made, which prevent us from describing us the Carbon Nation accurately, we shall remain a slave to the world.

    Chattel Slavery is what built the world and it is the world that is indebted to our Enslaved African Ancestors and yet we hesitate to become forceful in our demand for Justice for our Enslaved African Ancestors.

    What a pity and a shame !!!

    Chattel Slavery was a divine mission and had to be, because of what we allowed to happen to our divine nature.

    I choose not to play with lies as written in the name of God and described as Sacred Scripture of God, to play such a game with the devil,Satan that old Lucifer, only assure and prolong our misery and ignorance to and about ourselves, as children of the gods and a part of that great eternal and infinite God the creator.

    We may in our short sightedness, couple with an over abundance of selfishness, put as many spins as we may on such a sacred undertaking as Reparation but until we clearly understand the True significance of what Reparation Truly Represent, we will remain as fools attempting to make it comply to this world.

    What else could Reparation represent if not the Resurrection of the Carbon Nation, a Nation in wanting, yet not capable of understanding its needs nor itself ?

    We play to much with that which is Divine and Sacred and we do so because we have become fanatical in our desire to please our Slave Mentality, which require us to believe and not think and in doing so we only desire that which will keep us under the spell and in close proximity of our oppressors, claiming it to be Gods Will.

    Not so my dear beloved.

    God plays no part in our carnal behavior, whatever decision we make, come with us suffering the consequence of our decisions we make in life.

    God only give us the Gift of Life, through the power of Its Action and after that, we are on our own to make of it what we choose and our decisions in life has no affect upon God the creator because it has neither Heaven or Hell to put you in, we do that ourselves to ourselves, based upon our own ignorance about God, Universe and Being.

    Do you think our mothers and fathers journey through the middle passage, with all of the suffering it entailed,,just for us to act a fool about its meaning ?

    Do you think it was something that devil, Satan, old Lucifer was in charge of and in command of, regarding that action of Chattel Slavery ?

    No, No, my dear beloved,our trials and tribulations are rained down upon us based upon our own action and it is our action that signify the state of our mentality.

    We are what we Think, oh Carbon Nation and to think that Reparation is to keep us in bondage is the Thinking of a fool and a back slider from the True and only One God, that created all there is in the universe.

    The slave must not be beholding to the slave master and to be so is to indicate the continuation of our Enslavement.

    The gods of our Ancient Ancestors so prophesized that we will be brought out from among that which had Enslaved us and return us back to our beginning and for us to defy such a prophesy is to defy all that is sacred and divine which is the behavior of that all incompencing energy we call God,eternal and infinite in all of its power.

    Reparation, Spin it as you may but without the true implementation of its significant and meaning, which is the establishing of a State among the States in Africa, which is to be the prelude to Africa Resurrection,rising to become One Unified Nation again, revolving in Harmony, such is required, that is, if the world ever is to be brought back into order.

    You may refer to Truth as Hatred and you may snicker, puck up your nose or make your foolish wise cracks if you so desire, concerning this prophecy but such only serve to describe how foolish we have become toward and about ourselves and such a spirit become the spirit of our oppressors, of and toward ourselves.

    We have become a ignorant and foolish people, as we joyfully become in and of this world, a world gone crazy with its acts of immorality and ungodliness, as they embrace the God of the devil, Satan, that old Lucifer, which require belief over thought and faith over knowing, they are those who created the God of and for this world.

    Reparation+Repatriation = AfroDescendant Statehood in Africa and such = Africa Resurrection, to know this is a sign of our Divine Calling but to defy this is a sign of a continuation in Mental Slavery, as we deny the Truth about God,Universe and Being.

    Yes, Yes, my dear precious hearts it is Time to Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth and Let The Devil, Satan, That Old Lucifer be Damned !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon,Black African Nation.

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