Chief Elder Osiris : Reparation Must Concern Itself Only With Chattel Slavery !!!

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers.

    Beloved, those of us who are uncompromisingly serious with Reparation, must
    not allow ourselves become side track with other issues of injustice and
    acts of discrimination, we have presently those civil Rights organizations,
    which are organized to address such issues.

    Reparation must not be transformed to be used as a vehicle to deal with
    other acts of evil, so performed by our oppressors, because to do so will
    lessen its strength of gravity about what it so independently represent,
    which is our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    Genocide is a systematic and premeditative act of mass murder, not Hue - Man
    Rights abuse. Genocide is the ultimate violation of the Divine Right to
    Life, as so created by the creator.

    Hue - Man Rights abuse has to do with the violation and disrespect of a
    universal Right that one has to peace, Justice and Happiness, which include
    the Right to pursue those principals without interference by those who
    desire to see us Humanly abused and they having power to practice a
    behavior and attitude of prejudice behavior, with a desire to dominate.

    The abuser also have a mind of being superior over those they abuse, which
    is being practice against us, as the Rights of others are violated, in
    preventing an effort to be free and to pursue Life Liberty and Happiness.

    Reparation to the AfroDescendants must represent the abuse of Chattel
    Slavery and nothing else and must demand and represent the act of
    restoration of our Hue - Man Rights and serve as an act to repair what
    Chattel Slavery destroyed.

    Reparation must serve as an act of paying restitution in the form of
    capital, both monetary and property, with the AfroDescendants organizing
    themselves into the next additional State in Afrika, using the Reparation
    owed to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestorsa.

    We must not allow ourselves to attempt to affix to Reparation that which is
    not appropriate, nor allow ourselves to selfishly define Reparation to mean
    what we so desire it to me, so that it may meet our own fancy,civil and

    Let me say it once again, Reparation to the AfroDescendants in the Diaspora,
    here by way of the middle passage is for the evil performed against our
    Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and must not be allowed to be side tracked to
    address any other issue, to do so will take away its Divine and Sacred
    meaning as it relate to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    Listen my dear beloved I understand the gravity of our oppression and the
    evil that is constantly being perpetrated against us and there are many
    Black organization that deal with the various level of our Civil Rights
    violation but to attempt to infuse the fight for Reparation into the civil
    Rights struggle will serve as a grave error and will play right into the
    hand of the oppressors.

    Reparation must be left alone to serve as it has so been divinely prophecies
    and that is to be the vehicle that will enable the Liberation of the
    AfroDescendants in the Diaspora.

    The fight for Reparation must be used only for the purpose to Liberate the
    children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors. No greater Honor can we extend
    to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors than to secure the Liberation of the
    AfroDescendants in the Diaspora.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation

    Chief Elder

    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist