Chief Elder Osiris : Reparation Must Be Used As A Litmus Test

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My beloved do you realize what Time it is for Black Folks in the Diaspora against the will of our Enslaved African Ancestors ?

    Well I will tell you, it is Time that we Black Folks, descendants of our Enslaved African Ancestors, now with a distinct identity of recognition, AfroDescendants, its Time to condemn the Lie and Elevate the Truth concerning cause, effect,condition and solution, in regard to the African in the Diaspora, who traveled the lanes of the Middle Passage.

    We must let Reparation serve as a litmus test for those members of the Hue -Man Family who participated in the creation and implementation of that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery, not only for the creators and implementers of the crime of Chattel Slavery but also for those sympathizers and supporters as well, be they Black,White, Arab or Jew.

    Such is what make Reparation Divine and Sacred, it is able to uncover the evil that surround it, without bending to the politics of compromise or denial of its purpose of claim.

    The children of those who are a party to the Miafra journey, are special in that we have been allowed to survive in order to make the demand for Justice in our Enslaved Ancestors behalf, without shame or compromise.

    We are now risen as a new and distinct ethnic to be called AfroDescendants, for the purpose of having legitimate redress to all who make claim to know God and love Justice and is in position of power and authority to be pleasing before God and extend Justice.

    The African AfroDescendants are equal to or more so African than any who make claim to such lineage, we have proven the strength of our African Black Gene, by deed, claim, desire, love and an assigned destiny, which is all about Africa.

    It is the Soul, Mind and Spirit of Black people that qualify and define the true African and such principals of sincerity is measured by how devoted we are to saving, reclaiming and protecting Mother Africa and not leave her to be stripped naked by foreign Rapist.

    Only I can declare my Africaninity and no one else, be they Black or White, Jew, Arab or Gentile, whatever all of that mean.

    It is the Black Fool who condemn our demand for Reparation and Run to conceal themselves from the power of condemnation it reveal of them.

    It is expected for the criminal to deny the crime but the victim, Woe are you who have not the courage nor the foresight to Fight for and See Africa Liberation.

    All of you Black so call politicians and the followers thereof, you have yet to apply the Litmus Test to the political candidates, National, State and Local.out of fear of highlighting what you all ready know is the germ that guide this ungodly and immoral world against allowing Justice to prevail for the Black African Nation and that germ is Racism !!!

    A dirty Mind harbor not a clean and clear thought and such is required to render Justice to a Nation destroyed by such a Mind so described.

    Reparation / Repatriation and Nation State Status for the AfroDescendants in Africa, is the pre-requisite to the Resurrection of the Black African Nation.

    Yes, Yes, as we stand today at this Time on this date wherever we are, the Black African Nation is Dead !!!

    Will the Lie be condemn and the Truth be Elevated by a once Noble Black People, who once harness the ingredient of Truth by possessing a Mind that displayed the ability of those Black Africans to energize original Thought ?

    Reparation must be used as the Litmus Test, in order to determine the Sanity and Insanity of the World !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation


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    And My God The Creator.
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