Chief Elder Osiris : Reparation Is Our Barometer

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    Reparation Is The Only Barometer Qualified To Measure The Worthiness Of Black Leaders

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you ever notice Black People who attempt to imply by indicating that there is no Divine Truth that is shared with Black People and label everything as just an opinion, and you know what the saying is about opinions, which is, all of them are as an Axx Hole, everything that is somebody has one, and the idiot and Fool can make claim to having an opinion, because opinions are not to be Tested with Profound Reasoning, Rationality, and Logic, the attributes of Empirical Facts, the Scientific aspect of Divine Truth and Reality.

    So tell me, why must Black people seek Joy in Life before we do what is necessary that will qualify us to reside in the Circle of Joy, first seek you your Freedom, and Joy will come the Morning after you find your Freedom, Beloved.

    Why pretend to be in a state of Mind Spirit of Joy, when the Mind Belief that guide you, is the Mind Belief of your oppressors, and need I share with you that the Black Body Life will not be able to abide in the Circle of Joy until Freedom is the Body Life Companion, so grow weary not, in the presence of your enemy, because such weariness will serve as a sign of Defeat, Surrender, to the forces that now are in authority and control of your Mind Thoughts, thus is the force that determine your present day spirit, beloved.

    Show me a so call Black Afrikan Leaders, and I do not concern myself with who She or He is, that is making claim to be Black Folks Leaders, if they are not a Warrior for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then they serve to be a Traitor to Afrika and the Black Afrikan Divided Nation, as a matter of fact, they serve to contribute to the maintaining of the Divided Black Nation, and all who do such a Thing and make claim to be Black and Afrikan, is a disgrace to the Black Nation Divided, and is undeserving of any respect coming from Black People, those of you who know the Sanctity and Sacredness of Reparation.

    Any so call Black Afrikan who misuse the issue of Reparation in an attempt to organize or form a buddy-buddy alliance based upon a misconception of Reparation and attempt to reduce reparation to your Lowest Term of you making claim that Reparation is about a Personal Check to Black People of the Middle Passage and it represent establishing those same Black People with an economic position in America, such a Claim in the name of Reparation rise to the level of an opinion and not Empirical Knowledge that verify the Divine Truth about the Meaning and Purpose of Reparation, and opinions without Profound Reasoning to reach your conclusion about issues that involve and effect Black People Body Life, is opinions weighted down in Ignorance, used in an effort to demean others who Profoundly Reason their Way to Know and Understand That which is Divinely True and Real, something so call Black Leaders do not do in behalf of Black People, and not even for themselves.

    There is nothing that come any lower than a Black so call Afrikan Traitor to their Race, to do so, make you to become an imbecile, a Shenanigan, and an idiot that make claim to be intelligent, such Mental qualities serve to the detriment to the Black World and to Afrika.

    Any Black so call Afrikan who oppose Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, they can not give a justified Rational Reason as to why they take such a Self Hating position, a position that reveal a Greater Love for the Slave Enforcing Demons, they serving today, and has given to you, President Select Obama, and you question not the Motive of Lucifer by his action in reference to Black People, but you rather receive Lucifer Action in reference to Obama, as a sign of Lucifer Love for Black People.

    How Low, Foolish, and Unthoughtful We have Become here in America Diaspora Today and yet you have the audacity to become angry of those Black People who come sharing the Divine Truth to Black People about a Proven Devil, Satan, Lucifer, with a History of Abusing, Demeaning, Lying, and Deceiving Black People, and your reaction of such a behavior shown to Black People happen to be with a Spirit of Bojangles And Stepping Fletcher Spirit, in other word, Skinning and Grinning as the Black Nation is on the verge of becoming extinct from being a Divine Spiritual Black Being of a Nation, on this Planet.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Every Time Black People attempt to demean the Demand for Reparation, you reveal the gravity of ignorance we have about our Black Selves and do so with arrogance without Shame, a Spirit that verify a lack of Divine Intelligence of those who boldly attempt to ridicule the Demand by Black People for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, such quality of Black People against Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, are always attempting to exonerate the oppressors of Black People, by using such a phrase taught to us by the oppressors, which is, All that happen in the past and we Black People must come to learn to live with it and choose to forget what happen at the Hand of Lucifer against Black so call Afrikan People, stop looking at the Past and come to deal, not with the present but the Future.

    Beloved, there is no such a Time as the Future, the Duality of Time Motion events are only referred to in Divine Time as being our Past and Present, yesterday become today and today become yesterday, there is no Tomorrow Future, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Our Lives are Woven into Then and Now and Now and Then, beloved, and it is our obligation to make the most of our Lives Now, before it become a action of Then, because in Then, there is no Life, Just Infinite Existence, Beloved.

    So Now is the Time To Collect our Enslaved Ancestors reparation for the Evil that happened to them, by the Hand of Lucifer, and all claiming to be Black and is against what must be done Now, in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors, for what happen to them then, under the Institution of Chattel Slavery, you can be justly label to be a Traitor to the Black Nation, because Reparation is capable of Resurrecting the Spiritual Dead Black Nation, Now.

    Show me a Black Leader Worth its Racial Salt and know that our Enslaved Ancestors are deserving of Reparation and I will Know there is a Black Leader with a Spiritual connection to our Enslaved Ancestors and to the Black Nation and Afrika, but if not an advocate of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then You have amongst the Black Nation, those Black Leaders serving as Demons to the Black Nation, as they have been Transformed to become Black Afrikan Human Beings, they who serve to be a Danger to the Black Nation with a Spirit of Disrespect of our Enslaved Ancestors, because they are also a danger to themselves and must not be Trusted.

    You Can Take This Divine Truth Or Leave It Alone, Its Survival Is Not Depended on What Quality Of Spirit You act out toward it, being that some of us Black People do not Know who we as Black People Really Are, so you strike out against Reparation, just for the Hell of it, Divine Truth=Reparation= the rise of a dead Black Nation into the bosom of our Divinity, which is Black Folks Joy and Freedom. .

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]