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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Ignore me if you Want, but it will not make the Divine Truth any Less valuable .

    Any Black so call Afrikan who attempt to straddle the Reparation fence or Claim Neutrality and/ or is against Reparation, should be Burned in Effigy and held up before Black People as being the worst Traitor to Afrika.

    There is no one that can give a creditable argument against Reparation, creditable mean Making Rational and Logical Sense based on the facts that cause Reparation to be a Sacred and Divine Issue, Representing the Highest Order of Justice For Our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Hell No, Obama is not for Reparation, he like most Black so call Intelligent, integration/assimilationist Afrikan People that do not Know the Divine Meaning and Purpose for Reparation and What and Whom Reparation for Black People that Travel The Middle Passage, Truly indicate and Represent in America.

    I shared with you a while back that the election of Obama would signify the End to any and all complaints coming from Black People concerning Racism and Unjustified Prejudice against black People in America, You just might want to be careful for what you wish for, this Presidential Election, such may be the Black Justice demise and your resurrection coming in the personage of Barrack Obama, maybe then you will begin to See and not look at everything and take it to be Real.

    It is our Freedom at stake here.

    I know you do not want to hear this that I share with you, because that which I share with you, it is the Divine Truth and you Black People have been conditioned to despise the Divine Truth and guide your Lives by the irrational Emotion you have learned to master in expressing that which you Want in America and in your Black Lives in general.

    Reparation, as I have shared before with you, that issue is not about some Civil Rights Wants by you Black People, Reparation is about Afrika Freedom and the Black so call Afrikan Reunification as a Nation, nothing more and nothing Less.

    So all of this Benign approach about an issue that represent a malignant act against Black People brought to America against their Will and Consent, need to cease and desist, because it is beginning to make the Children of the Middle Passage look and act just like the people responsible for Reparation being a Valid and Sacred Issue, which represent and indicate a gross injustice perpetrated against Black People, we that were brought to America in Chains and not welcome in,by the waving of the statue of Liberty.

    Again I share with you the Divine Reason and Meaning of Reparation.

    Reparation is an issue in America, not because of some segregated Jim crow American law, Reparation is not to indicate the Racism in America Social-Economic, Education, Judicial, Political and Religious system, Reparation Represent and Indicate the Violation of the Divine Right to Life and to be able to Live that Life Free and Joyful, enjoying the independence and Sovereignty of Life, calibrated with the Divine Will to make decisions for your Life, without you being influenced to make the choice you make about your Life, a Life that deserve to be lived in Harmony, Order, and Balance, full of Peace, that beloved, is what Reparation mean and represent and the people Lives that was not afforded that Divine Right by America, and her Allies in the approval and implementation of Chattel Slavery, they are in fact indebted to pay Reparation, not to the Children of the Middle Passage, but to our Enslaved Ancestors, because that is who is responsible for the issue of Reparation to be a valid and Just issue, regardless of how hard you might attempt to Bastardize that sacred Issue which represent and indicate the Injustice our Enslave Ancestors were confronted with, and did endure.

    It is a Fool and a Low down poor excuse to be claiming to be an intelligent Civilize Human Being, who disapprove and speak against the paying of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, they are they of which Reparation indicate, Signify, and Represent, and no one and nothing else.

    Now, Divine Wisdom tell us that the Dead is beyond the Physical, therefore, it be the Children of those Dead Enslaved Ancestors, you now in the Physical, stand to inherit the Divine Right to make Demands for Justice be Done to our Enslaved Ancestors and the only Justice that can represent and indicate the Evil Wrong of Chattel Slavery, happen to be the payment of Reparation to those Enslaved Ancestors, and the Use of those Reparation, is to be for the restoration of Afrika and the Reuniting of the Black Divided Nation, nothing to do with Repairing not one **** Thing in America, other than the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors MIND !!!

    All we Black so call Afrikan Americans do in America is Misrepresent who we are, we always find ourselves trying to please the very people that have brought on the cause for Reparation in America and we do so without Self Guilt, which serve as a sign that the children of the Middle Passage that act and speak against Reparation or attempt to miss-define and misrepresent Reparation, you indicate with such action, that you have lost your First Mind and now is in possession of the Human Being Mind and that is why we act and behave as we do in America, toward anything and everything that Represent its action to be Black and in possession of the First Mind developed in this Black Body of Ours.

    Every so call Black Afrikan, claiming to be about Reparation has invented their own defile take about what Reparation mean to them, you even have some Black so call Afrikans running around spreading a Defile seed that is masquerading as Reparation, claiming that Reparation Represent a Time for Black Folks to get paid, you have reduced that sacred issue Reparation to represent your own little personal greed for payment individually and for an improvement of America welfare social programs, such a behavior of misrepresenting the Fact about Reparation and what its purpose is to serve, make you undoubtedly a Traitor to your Enslaved Ancestors and Thus a Traitor to your Race Nation, which was once United, Black, and Divine, but a people without self respect, carry not a Divine Conscious and is capable of having no guilt for their irrational action.

    Reparation is not about Repairing Anything in America and the only way your Black Life will experience repair, is when you See the Need for your Life to exit America Environment, because it is America Environment that represent the coming of your Death, both Physically and Mentally.

    You desire proof of what I share with you about ourselves in our Present state, then Run, Run, Run and Fetch your Mirror And Behold The Decline of A People that once wore the Divine Halo of a Spirit In Afrika, and now, look at you Black People, abusive, abused and confuse that you are, not knowing whom you Black People are, you now being the first to make claim that there is nothing Divine about your Black Behind, and today, you know what, you are absolutely Correct.

    For us to receive Reparation in the way that we should and use it for the purpose it must be use, then we Black People must put aside our little petty difference and abandon the Trinity of Evil that now hold us captive, that evil being, Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, covered with malice, that is what we need to do, so that we may get about the action of getting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and Saving Afrika and our Black Lives.

    Without Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, The Black Nation remain Divided and will continue to Perish, and Afrika Dissolve To Be No More as She Once Was.

    Let Those Of You With The use Of the Divine Eye, See And Understand What Has Just Been Shared With You, Today

    Be Kind To Yourselves

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Reparation/Repatriation
    [email protected]

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