Black People Politics : Reparation has become a DNA battle: I'm a past president's daughter

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    Maybe if enough women in the community can take these DNA test to historic societies then perhaps some form of reparation can take place.

    I say women from the outside because based on the articles of past like Sally Hemmingway and Thomas Jefferson. Men with pride in the way dont seem to engage such. It's just not a man's affair entirely. Not saying there is NONE.

    I do find it very silly at the same time but you have to understand how the NATION works and if your a black women it can be very BRUTAL on you. And equally for black men and children. We should not forget that either.

    I am a FOOL too so nothing SUPRISES me.

    So carry on...

    African American seeks to prove genetic link to James Madison

    Bettye Kearse hopes to prove she is a direct descendant of James Madison.