Black Spirituality Religion : Removal of Religious Conservatism

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    Removal of Religious Conservatism

    Today, Shri Guru Datta is giving the right knowledge to remove the religious conservatism. I am giving the right knowledge taking the Hindu terrorist as an example. But, the question put by Me applies to all the religious fanatics who become terrorists. If I take the terrorists of other religions, they may misunderstand Me, thinking that I am criticizing their religion. Since I am born in this Hindu religion, the fellow Hindus consider Me as a Hindu. So, Hindus consider Me as their man and will also not misunderstand Me. Really, I do not belong to any religion. I belong to all religions equally. Now, the real knowledge is explained here. I am in the role of a foreigner talking with a Hindu terrorist.

    Hindu terrorist:
    You will get salvation only if you worship God Narayana. No other God can give salvation. Oh foreigner! Leave your religion and accept my religion. You will get salvation; otherwise you will go to hell.

    Foreigner (Myself): I will certainly convert myself and become Hindu. I will definitely worship God Narayana and get salvation. But, [I have got] one question. About 1000 years back, our country came to know about India. Before that, our forefathers did not know about the existence of India, not to speak of God Narayana. Therefore, my forefathers could not worship God Narayana. It was not their fault in not knowing God Narayana. Had they known God Narayana, atleast some of them would have worshipped Him and got salvation. But, for no fault of them, they had gone to hell. At that time, God Narayana was introduced to all over India. So God Narayana was partial to India and He is prejudiced. Therefore, you charge your own God Narayana to prejudice? You are poking your eye with your own finger.
    Hindu Terrorist: This defect applies to your religion also. Your religious fanatics also say that those who did not worship your religious God will go to hell. This blame is common in all the religions.

    Foreigner (Myself): Because this defect is present in all religions, this defect cannot become merit. A defect is always a defect, whether it is present in one person or in several persons. If this defect is not cleared, Gods of all religions are blamed and so God in general is blamed. Showing the defect in all is not the solution. We have to prove that God in general is always impartial. That means God of any religion should be impartial.

    Hindu terrorist: When there is no solution, you have to neglect this aspect.

    Foreigner (Myself): But there is a solution. In all the religions, the same God is worshipped in different forms. So, God in general i.e., God in every religion is impartial. Since the same God expressed Himself in different parts of the world at the very beginning of this creation itself and gave the same message in different languages, all the people got the equal opportunity from the beginning of this creation. At no time, no part of the world was favored particularly. Hence, Gods of all our religions i.e. God in general, becomes impartial. Except this solution, there is no other solution to solve this problem. Hence, this solution must be accepted. In such a case, there is no need of conversion from one religion to another religion. Since, the same syllabus of a particular class is present in all the languages; there is no use of changing the language. Even if the student changes the language, he will be in the same class.

    All classes are present in all the languages. So, you need not change the language at any stage. You have to go from a lower class to the higher class in the same language. Similarly, every religion contains the lower, higher and highest levels of spiritualism. You can achieve the goal by rising vertically to the higher level in your own religion. What is the use of traveling horizontally by leaving your own religion and accepting another religion? By doing so, you are at the same distance from the goal.

    I have given the Hindu terrorist as an example here. Please do not forget that the same analysis applies to the terrorists (religious fanatics) of all the other religions also.
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    So, it seems from this it's believed there can be a "defect" to the faith because of those who hadn't heard of it beforehand, so they'd believe in it and be saved. And that to remedy this, the Father allowed all religions to be a way to His Presence. The thing is, that's not how the faith works.

    The Most High knows all people, of all lands, and all who will be His never turning away. We can't measure the spreading of the Gospel according to what man is capable of by time and places, but according to what we know the Father knows. If we do that, then we'd know, none are lost to the Father, at all, but all who must hear, do hear. There are none missing out.

    And there is but One Way, which is through the Son to the Father and in the Holy Spirit. He is our savior and died for us on the tree, so that we'd be cleansed of our sins, and would know eternal life as He does, after He was resurrected the 3rd day. Many different ways don't lead to our One Father, but He who He sent for us to believe in and have faith in, so He'd know who truly does listen to His commands, and wants to be His, forever.