Black Teenagers : Remembering your experiences as a Toddler

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    There is a debate of nurture versus nature that's popular in Occidental schools (an intraracial school) but I do not really hear much of it without Occidental schools.

    It is my belief that certain memories replay in one's mind because those certain memories are significant and encode a useful truth.

    Now, I imagine that this is 1st grade or before, but one of my replaying memories was of admiring a White couple that looked like the "Save by the Bell" couple, but got complicated as the boy was openly a bully of mine but privately tried to peep at me while I used the bathroom.

    Now I always thought that this was weird, but now I am realizing that this might be an exposition of nature and nurture. I say 'nature' because this White boy likely wasn't taught at this young age to either be a bully or a homosexual but here he was being both. And I say nurture because I fancied this White couple explicitly because they had the backing of television's glamourization of White beauty.

    But I do not want to use this experience to make a larger comment. Without going into TOO MUCH INFORMATION, can you all remember your early experience with White folk and how different they are? Or was your experience that Black youth were uncouth too? And why do you reason as much?

    As far back as I can remember, Black youth were just comical. In fact, I remember having a rival African who competed with me over who was funnier (this is the toddler stage*). I remember getting upset if the other guy got more attention. :)


    *In preteen, my close friend and I competed over who was better in mathematics. I eventually won. That was a good moment. :)