Black Poetry : Remembering Mama - forgot to post this on Mother's Day- Bishop and Watcher


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Jan 31, 2001
Chicago-In the WatchTower
Remembering the love you had for us
Remembering your gentle touch
Remembering the trips to the park
Remembering the comfort when afraid of the dark
Remembering learning how to read
Remembering your sacrifices for our need
Remembering the trips to church and Sunday School
Remembering your teaching about God’s Golden Rule
Remembering the whoopings when we were bad
Remembering the tears in your eyes when you were sad
Remembering the Sunday dinners
Remembering you told us we would grow to be winners
Remembering you told us we were never poor
Remembering you telling the Lord you wish you could do more
Remembering you telling us to do the best we can
Remembering to always put our hands in God’s hands
Remembering and appreciating all that you had to say
Remembering how much we love you this Mother’s Day.

Bishop and Watcher


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