Black People : Remember fam for bringin the truth there is a Price..

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Auroraflower, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Hi fam. Destee ...others ..

    this is a quick note that i have to remember you that..

    Ones you put out or send Out The truth that sets People free aspecially when they have been underpressed or down for a long time..makes them move forward ,

    it takes curiage ...
    and faith and knowledge that people and Evil wil procecute you because you are trying to bring the truth to them..

    i,m not saying this because i am afraid or anything...
    i only fear God and for everything he has his time....
    its not my time and maybe also not the place yet to fully speak.

    Tough i did tried ...

    and before i even began..somthimes

    (for example preaching the Gospel in the chatroom...)
    i was Blacked out.....

    i,m just saying this to you all that you are aware of that ..
    but ofcourse you all know...

    i just wanted you to remember..

    actually i have not have the full uppertunity to speak because ,i,ve been blocked of ...
    or there were errors that i could not post ..

    Sumthimes ...

    i wonder ....

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    betwixt and between
    My Dear Darling Sister LibertyLady aka AuroraFlower !!! :love:

    I had this thought myself just recently, even today, i was speaking to a Sister on how revealing TRUTH can cause us to pay a very high price ... but i am willing to pay that price for the truth. How much more expensive, in the long run, can truth be over lies?

    It really can't be more expensive than a lie ... can it?

    I don't think so.

    I would always choose the truth, to speak it, hear it, know it ... over the lie.

    Sister ... i thank you for the truth that you share with me and us.

    Now you know you would NEVER be blacked out of OUR chat room !!!

    Never Never Never !!!!

    So if you are having problems getting in, it may just be that there is some technical difficulty.

    This does happen in this environment, and we try to help Members overcome such challenges.

    Please tell me what it is doing wrong, when you try to get in.

    Let's work out the problem together ... because ... it is nothing intentional ... i assure you!

    Every one here loves you Sister ... they know i will :hammer: them if they don't! :blowkiss:

    I Love You Sister!

    Let me know what's going wrong when you try to enter chat.