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    Remembering Malcolmby Benjamin Karim

    Book Review by Andre Austin

    Remembering Malcolm book picks up where Malcolm Jarvis book (The Other Malcolm) leaves off. Basically Jarvis book deals with Malcolm from 1939 and into the 1950’s in prison. Karim deals with Malcolm X from 1957-1965. Karim published his book in 1992 the same year Spike Lee released his film on Malcolm X. In spite of Lee interviewing Karim for the movie many facts were left out.

    This book gives me a more clear insight into the motivation of wanting X dead. Karim says the Nation of Islam paid one of the assassins 10,000 dollars to put Malcolm permanently to sleep not for the money but for devotion to their leader Elijah Muhammad (EM). EM’s inner circle in Chicago didn’t want Malcolm to succeed him as leader because X was a strict disciplinarian and would clean house. EM was a very sick man and came close to dying on several occasions in the 1960’s. When EM finally died in 1975 medical people said he should have died 20 years ago. Karim book Remembering Malcolm gives a vivid picture on just how he can his house and temple in New York; an essential element left out in virtually all other films, books or articles.

    Just to show you how strict Malcolm was he would tell his captain of the FOI to take a hammer and knock the teeth out of a violator and his orders were taken literally. Or tying people up and throwing them in a river. They fished them back out after they said “God is Great”. And if a woman wants to get married and remain abused free join the NOI. You beat your wife and she reports it to the female captain then you received a beating from the FOI.

    Karim got out of the Korean War in 1952 the same year Malcolm X was released from a Massachusetts prison to be paroled to his brother in Detroit, Michigan. While in prison from 1946-1952 Malcolm X became a walking/talking encyclopedia. His brain power was a battery that he kept charged with learning. His books were his Alma matter, EM was his electrical shock and the prison debate team helped create his metamorphosis. His prison cell was a cage and cocoon. He studied with methodically learning parts of the whole with thought, patience, and strategy after getting a metaphor from a white freemasonic convict. Malcolm K, little the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly inside this cocoon and Islam gave him the wings to take off. Before that transformation X was just an ordinary fly feeding off and laying eggs on ****.

    EM heard about this butterfly light shining up the caves in the dungeon’s jails. After being released from prison he was made assistant minister in Detroit. In 1954 he promoted to minister of Temple 7 in New York the most cosmopolitan city in the USA. The NOI would launch Malcolm into the national spotlight and turn the butterfly into Icarus whose wax wings flew too close to the sun and melted. That sun was nothing more or less than the wrath the NOI was bringing fire down on Malcolm on 2-21-1965. Ovid’s advice to Icarus is to fly a middle course and stay away from extremes.

    Minister Malcolm came to the national spotlight in 1957 when a fellow Muslim Hinton Johnson was Billy-whipped almost to death for verbally questioned police beating another Blackman who was already handcuffed. Karim was impressed with Malcolm X ability muster up his FOI men in regiments of marching formation. The FOI is abbreviated for Fruit of Islam. The fruit comes from the Tree Prophet Muhammad, (B.570AD) planted in 611AD when he received his first message at the age of 40. The police were scared of a race riot. Malcolm ordered the police to take Hinton to the hospital and won the biggest lawsuit at the time from the police. Malcolm X threw up his hand like givining a masonic sign and his troops dispersed from the scene. The white police captain said that was too much power for a Blackman to have. After that incident karim wanted to instantly join the NOI. This was Malcolm X character he had before he joined the NOI he put his hand on a gun to a white police officer who was man handling a blackwoman in a bar. The only difference is he had troops to back him up with no guns. By the way Farrakhan changed the FOI corporal punishments and house inspections in the late 1980’s. went from strict to stern.


    Ignorance he hated more than the whiteman. Minister X was counselor, healer, judge, instructor, teacher, peacemaker and listener he turned into an art. X altered his own personal habits/life in his pursuit of Islamic righteousness; he extended no less of his fellow sisters/brothers in the NOI. A conk was renamed a process to fix your hair. Likewise in the nation you were processed into your natural hair, your natural self by reverse engineering by unlearning past lies of the whiteman drugged Christianity. All new members had to be processed into the NOI by writing form letters with no errors and memorizing catechism of their faith. For example:

    You were asked, “Why did we (Muslim crusades) take Jerusalem from the devil?

    A. Because our righteous brother by the name of Jesus was buried there and they use his name to shield their dirty religion called Christianity” (p.91. This is what got Louis Farrakhan into trouble because he switched Christianity for Judaism. And his war with the Jews haven’t ceased since then. If it was a boxing match Farrakhan already won the ten count. We have passed the count by a trillion and he keeps foolishly beating the dead horse to overkill. Like a pig swimming in mud Louis wants to stay in anti-Semitism.

    This took place Friday Evenings in their General civilization classes of transforming the savage mind into cultivated ripe fruits of the Islamic tree. Malcolm taught Liturgy, Scriptures, polishing shoes, Table manners, Etiquette, diet, Astronomy, bird migration. Etymology was Malcolm X’s favorite of teaching word ancestry. X taught so clear and vivid that if he taught about the KKK castrating a Blackman you would think you were actually witnessing it.

    Monday’s were court sessions where Malcolm was the judge where the accuser and defendant were present. Malcolm never displayed favoritism in these house/temple cleaning matters. The accuser as well as the defendant could get expulsion up to five years for adultery or robbery. After a person suspension was over they came back to the mosque with everybody applauding. These were a sample of the rules:

    No gossiping or rumors because this caused in fighting from within and divides people. One time a college-educated man laugh at a Muslim women for having worn out shoes. X had a field day on this when he turned it into a teaching moment. In the NOI you gossip at your own risk and embarrassment. When you err in the NOI they make it a public err in front of everyone. Malcolm made him feel so bad that he bought the Muslim women some new shoes and gave it to the Muslim female captain to give to her. Eventually this sparked her interest and they ended up getting married and he sent her to law school to become a lawyer.

    Saturday mornings were children’s day when Malcolm took the NOI kids to the Museum and planetarium. He avoided sport events. He felt children’s minds were like gardens of fertile and rich in soil. Kids bringing home D & E were in jeopardy of having their natural behinds whip for teaching and correcting only. No parent allowed to beat because of being stressed out with their own adult problems taking it out on children. Any male or female joining the NOI being a child or adult were transformed into readers and thinkers.

    Saturday Night was Unity night at the temple where the single brothers and sisters could socialize in a cordial, relaxed atmosphere. They would talk, have refreshments, and listen to music. Their restaurant had a jukebox but didn’t allow the blues music because it encourages infidelity, adultery. Sometimes they would show a Hollywood historical film about the crusades or something similar. X’s favorite move was Lawrence of Arabia.

    Tuesdays was reserved for Public speaking class. You learned the techniques for preparing a speech or delivering a formal address. They were given Syllabuses, assignments, reports, book list. Students did more work in one year than a student read in all four years of college. Karim had a stuttering problem and X told him to take deep breathes and avoid stammering. Malcolm didn’t like any of us assistant ministers imitating him especially Louis Farrakhan who were closer together than their natural brothers. He wanted us to develop our own speaking styles and evolve into our own. “Malcolm had provided generously for Farrakhan and his family” (p.103). Malcolm was generous to others too. He raised money for a waitress to get front teeth. She was losing tips because she never smiled. He saved marriages through his private counseling sessions Malcolm also told them to never repeat a person unless verified it first, studied it and confirmed it. Karim said that from the 7 years he spent with Malcolm X’s teaching class no other convention, rally, debate or lecture could compare to it.

    Malcolm kept a library in his attic that had all sorts of books. He kept his watch five minutes fast so that he would never be late, a practice Masons also do. Malcolm understood hunger because it defined his early childhood. Everyone who left X’s dinner table left on full. However, he only ate one meal a day occasionally sneaking in Banana splits which he craved. Obesity was an original sin. Females had to loose ten pound in 2 weeks or face suspension. Street winos asked him 50 cents for food and he gave them a dollar knowing he might be lying just to get a bottle. It would have bothered his mind if he would have turned his back on them would then proceed to teach on the Ant who regurgitate her food to feed another ant. He felt hunger was the most basic drive over sex it will power over, He said put a naked women on the left and some food on the right and the man will choose the food first. The people who met Malcolm found him to be the most puritanical man they ever met. This was due to his ability to go through a self metamorphoses while in prison. He went from a stinging bee on the streets of Detroit, Boston and New York to the master teaching Butterfly until he was made into the hypocrite Icarus by the NOI and cut down.

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    Malcolm's expulsion from the NOI all boils down to the above. There are political factions in every organization and had Malcolm succeeded Mr. Muhammad, his jealous, spiteful, envious, less talented and resentful enemies KNEW they would have been the first to go. :news: