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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Today, it is more unpopular amongst Afrikan Americans for those Black People in America to Speak the Truth about America, as it pertain to the Black Afrikan in America, who is in America, not by Choice but by the Force of America, America being the White Power that Dominates in America, and the Truth spoken about America as America relate and behave toward the so call Black Afrikan in America, which is based entirely upon experience, it being the highest quality of unquestionable facts that substantiate the Truth of an Action, past and present, so the Afrikan who has a problem with such quality of Truths being articulated about America Spirit toward the so call Black Afrikan, is the Afrikan that is more of a danger to Black People, than America is, to Black people who are without Justice in America.

    Have you ever paid attention to the Afrikan who is in such a hurry to validate America to Black People, how mental unstable they present themselves to be and how thay are always on their security post seeking whom ever they may attempt to devour in order to try and prevent the Truth from being told to Black People about America, and how they never have anything Truthful to say about America as it relate to the cause and effect of events that have Black people lives in America in such a depressing state of living today, have you, beloved ?

    Beloved, have you notice how obvious it is of the Afrikan Defenders of America against the Truth tellers by Black People, concerning the Lies and acts of deception America uses to keep the so call Black Afrikan American in a confused hypocritical Mental posture, never able to intelligently defend America to Black People, yet has to Lie and Deceive Black People in America about America, in order to manifest an illusionary profile of America to Black People, if such an act is not a danger to Black people in America and that act does verify the Traitor of Black people in America, then what needs to be done to such filth, I am not at liberty to say in open forum.

    No where among the many and various Ethnic Groups that make up this World, is the Trinity of Evil ( ego, envy, jealousy ) is more so ever present, and is allowed to prevail with honor, than it is amongst the so call Black Afrikan People, a World unique unto its own, yet display an ignorance of pride, defending America, when America is justly being the target of criticism by the so call Black Afrikan, as the Afrikan defenders of America, acting as if the so call Black Afrikan in America who is here in America by force, has no justifiable greavence against America and does has every right to pursue a resolution to the so call Black Afrikan greiveces in question, such as the Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors, Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, Random discrimination, Injustice of all sort , an open debt of Reparation, these greivences unless treated Justly to be resolved, will remain as a Cancer in the constitution of America and as long as I am Alive, I will act as that Cancer agent of Infection and there is no ignorant Afrikan qualified in Defending America Lying and acts of deception, of the so call Black Afrikan in America, here by way of the Middle Passage.

    Today is the Time for all serious so call Black Afrikans to remain steadfast in the wake of Afrikan American ignorance or any ignorant Afrikan that attempt to defend the Evil of America Racist and Oppressive Spirit toward the so call Black Afrikan in America, whose Ancestors are those that was forced to come to America in Chains and by the ignorant Afrikan defending America, acting as if the Enslavement and acts of oppression against the so call Black Afrikan, has an expiration date to be terminated from having America to stand accountable for the Mental condition of the Afrikan in America and the Mind we are infected with today.

    There is no Afrikan Living today that is qualified to intelligently defend the Spirit of America action against our Enslaved Ancestors and the Mental Suffering that their Children are enduring today and for the Afrikan American, here by way of the Middle Passage to try and attempt to defend the present and Past Spirit of America, as acted out toward the so call Black Afrikans, who are either Dead or Alive, is deserving to be targeted and isolated and Marked to have to eventually give an accounting to Black People for their Traitorous Acts against the Black so call Afrikan World.

    May The Gods Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, Deal Divinely And Justly with The Evil Ignorant Mind Of The Afrikan America defenders, Supporting The Oppression Of The So Call Black World !!!

    There is nothing more illuminating of an Afrikan Fool than that Afrikan attempting to defend America action against the so call Black Afrikan in America and in Afrika, Past and Present.

    The Most Dangerous so call Black Afrikan, is the Afrikan that label Divine Experience Truth, as Stupid and IT does highlight the foolishness of their ways, when attempting to defend America Spirit toward the Afrikan in America, or White Folks of power behavior, toward the Afrikan people in Afrika AND AGAINST THE BLACK WORLD IN GENERAL.

    It is the ignorant supertitious Afrikan that believe in the saying that if you ignore something long enough it will just by magic, go away, and the Afrikan America defenders in their wish to be American, phenotype and all, become ill when the Experience Truth is told about America Racist Spirit, that still prevail against the so call Black Afrikan, as the ignorant Afrikan continue to defend and wish America to Truly be for the Afrikan, as they do all that they can to nullify the Divine Truth as told to us Afrikans by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, which is that, Afrika, Not America, Is for The Afrikan !!!

    It Is The Strong Afrikan Black Nationalist That remain Steadfast In The company of the experienced Truth, When The Weakness Of Afrikan Ignorance Appear in Defense Of The evil Of America Spirit, Against Black People, Needing Not to respond to the Foolish Ignorant Afrikan American, America Defenders, They Supporting The Lies And Acts Of Deception Used Against The so call Black Afrikan In America, Claiming Such a Act to be an Intelligent Act, When in Fact, It Is The Act Of a foolish Ignorant Traitor To The Black So call Afrikan Race..

    Can You Understand That, beloved ?

    Chief Elder
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