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    Please announce as soon as possible.

    FROM: Dr. Kwabena F. Ashanti,
    President and Director

    RE: The Religious Sankofa Crusade 2: Alternative Healing Experience

    DATE: October 2-4, 2003

    Religious Sankofa Crusade 2:
    Alternative Healing Experience

    The Religious Sankofa Crusade 2, Alternative Healing will be held October 2-4, 2003 at the Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park (off Morehead and Kent Street), in Durham, North Carolina. The International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Healers, and religions, Inc. and Calvary Ministries will bring to Durham, North Carolina, a historic second meeting of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, religious scholars, spiritual and alternative health experts.
    For centuries Western religions have characterized African spiritual systems as “pagan” or heathen” or “witchcraft “ or “devil worship”. When one realizes the enormous debt the European western religions owe to their African predecessors, words such as "pagan" or "heathen" or “witchcraft” become diabolically sinister.
    All in one location, the following religions will be presented and discussed by experts: Ancient African Egyptian, African Traditional religions (i.e., Abosom, Orisha, Vodou, Zulu), Hebrew/Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
    You will learn more of WHAT you believe, and WHY you believe what you do. If you are a Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, or PtahRa (African traditional religion), come to this historic crusade to see, hear, and meet the authors and healers.
    In addition to other presenters, many of the following Board members will also be present:

    Invited Board Member Priest Healers
    and Authors

    Dr. Kwabena F. Ashanti, Abosom Priest, PtahRAhene
    Dr. Lliala O. Afrika, Naturopath, Root doctor and Kurontihene
    Dr. Mwalimu Ndugu Khan, Paramount Okyeamehene
    Queen Afua, Kemetic Healer,
    Dr. Muata Ashby Kemetic Yoga,
    Medahochi Kofi Zannu, Vodou,
    Reginald Crosly, M.D.,
    Jewel I. Pookrum, M.D.
    Bishop Gus Mickens, Rootdoctor,
    Adeleri Onisegun, Ph.D. Orisha Priestess and Africentric Psychologist,
    Okyerema Asante, Akan Master Drummer,
    Bradley Simmons, Master Drummer
    Nana Kimati Dinizulu, Akan King and Master Drummer,
    Nathan Ray Muhammad, Warrior Priest,
    Papa Gede Nibo, Spiritual Copera,
    Rev. Kofi Amakye Maafo, Akan Osofo and Herbalist,
    Rev. Kojo Asim Fanti (Lonnie Simon), AME Senior Elder Preacher,
    E. Curtis Alexander, Ed.D. African Theologies ,
    Max G. Beauvoir, Haitian Voodoo,
    Linda James Myers, Ph. D., Africentric Psychologist,
    Heru Ank Ra Semahj Se Ptah, Priest of Ptah,
    Faruq T. N. Iman, Ph.D. African Psychology,
    Mfundishi Tayari Casel, Warrior Priest,
    Queen Mother Maas-t Amm Amen, Healing Dance,
    Nana Banchie Darkwah, Ph.D., African King and Linguist,
    Theophile Obenga, Egyptologist, Philosophy,
    Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan, Comparative Theological Scholar
    Dr. David Alston, African Cultural Sociologist

    **The word Vodou (Voodoo) means: To serve God and the Children of God in the Fon/Ewe African languages of West Africa.

    **Rootdoctor – An individual that uses natural herbs and plant roots
    for medical healing purposes.

    For More Information Contact: WWW . AshantiTone . Com

    Or Call

    Dr. Kwabena F. Ashanti at (919) 383-5941,
    (919) 513-1857
    or Fax: (919) 309-1088
    [email protected]

    Pre- Registration is encouraged ASAP! Registration is $25.00 per day, or $75.00 three day Keynote Sessions, or $125.00 including all Keynote Sessions, Awards banquent, and African social. Special Registration Fees will be charged for Healing Sessions, and Certification Workshops. Mail Registration to: SANKOFA HEALING CRUSADE 2
    5119 Lansdowne Drive
    Durham, North Carolina 27712
    ****Indicate which special workshops or sessions you want to attend (include any additional fees)

    Headquarters Hotel:

    1815 Front Street
    Durham, North Carolina 27705
    Telephone: (919) 309-1500

    Ask for SANKOFA CRUSADE 2 conference rates of $69.00.

    General Session Keynote Speakers


    Pastor Frederick Davis, First Calvary Baptist Church

    The God described in the Bible is none other than the God who is already known in the framework of our traditional African religiosity. The missionaries who introduced the gospel to Africa in the past 200 years did not bring God to our continent. Instead, God brought them. They proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ. But they changed the names of the God who was and is already known by African peoples -- such as Mungu, Mulungu, Katonda, Ngai, Olodumare, Nyame, Ruhanga, Jok, Modimo, Unkulunkulu and thousands more. These are not empty names. They are names of one and the same God, the Creator of the world, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many African theologians even argued that the concept of God, which the missionaries presented to our enslaved ancestors, was a devaluation of the traditional currency of God and religion already known by African peoples.

    Pastor Frederick Davis, African Cultural Pastor of First Calvary Baptist Church. He works for the revitalization in the West End area and other communities in Durham.

    HIP HOP VS. SPIRITY (Who Stole the Soul).

    Min. Paul Scott of the Messianic Afrikan Nation.

    He has debated the top white right wing conservatives in this country on national television and radio, including one of the leaders of shock radio (Mancow), Sean Hannity on Fox News, and a brief encounter with Bill O’Reilly. He has taken stands on many controversial issues. He is a Hip Hop syndicated columnist


    Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, PtahRahene, Okomfo

    The issue of homosexuality in the Black community is addressed in ways resonant with African culture, life and religion. The historical context behind what appear to be so-called homophobic attitudes among Africans is rarely deconstructed or considered. The black Same-Gender-Loving movement has inspired dialog on the diverse ways [in African religion and cultures] of “loving” in the black community. Learn the historic relationships of homosexuality, lesbianism, and bisexuality to PthaRa (Kemetic, Abosom, Orisa, Vodou, Zulu, etc.).

    Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, PtahRahene, Okomfo
    The co-founder and president of the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Healers, and religions, Inc. Author of 21 books, i.e., (Psychotechnology of Brainwashing: Crucifying Willie Lynch; Rootwork and Voodoo In Mental health).


    Dr. Lliala Afrika, Kurontihene, and Naturopath

    The co-founder and vice-president of the International Board of African Thinkers, Traditional Priests, Healers, and religions, Inc. He is the author of 3 books and does lectures and workshops in 70 topics. His book, AFRICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH is a masterpiece.


    Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan, Comparative Theological Scholar

    Learn the origin of Creation, the name Africa, the function of the original Goddesses and Gods, the origins of Abraham, Isaac, Mary, Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, Solomon, Sheba, Buddha, Christianity, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, Hinduism, the Vedas, and the future of empowerment.


    Dr. Rosalind Jeffries (2 CDs)
    Rosiland Jefferies, Spiritual Healer


    Dr. K. Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU, Congo Mbongi

    Dr. K. Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU, from the Congo, Central Africa, is one of the world’s most distinguished scholars and priests.


    Medahochi Kofi Zannu, Vodou Honon (Priest)

    To a great degree, we owe the thought of bringing the New African approach to African spirituality to the great elder Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu who was actually one of the original members of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika. It was Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu that decided to take our spirituality not only from the ancient level of being, but to interpret it in the context in which we are living. We seek to rid ourselves of the conditionings and trappings brought about from Western religious miseducation.


    Queen Afua Kemetic Healer

    Queen Afua is a nationally renowned herbalist, holistic health specialist, and dedicated healer of women’s bodies and souls, who practices from a uniquely Afrocentric spiritual perspective. Through her work as certified colon therapist, polarity practitioner, Hatha Yoga and Ari Ankh Ka Instructor, lay midwife and fasting specialist, she has guided thousands of women and men, coast to coast, in the art and science of Natural Living.



    Jewel I. Pookrum, M.D., Africentric Physician

    Dr. Pookrum is an acknowledged leader in the natural healing movement. Among her most notable recognition was the selection by Nelson and Winnie Mandela to be their consulting physician during their historic visit to the United States in 1990.

    Alternative Healing Workshops

    Healing The Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit
    Queen Afua, Chief Khamitic Priestess of Purification in the Temple
    of Nebt-Het (an ancient African order) in New York City

    Best-selling author of : Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity; and
    Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind & Spirit

    Queen Afua responds to the current health crisis facing African American women, by taking them on a transforming journey of physical, emotional and ancestral healing designed to restore the magnificence of their spirits through Sacred Initiation.
    Each person pays only $ 55.000

    Personal Diagnostic and Alternative Healing Treatments

    [For Depression, Stress, Identity, Tension, Fear, Guilt, and etc.]

    Dr. Lliala O. Afrika, Naturopath, Root doctor
    Dr. Charles Washington, African Spiritualist

    Each person pays only $ 55.000


    Mama Jean Taiwo, African Spiritualist
    Obafemi Akintundae, Babalawo

    These sessions are for individuals (in very private sessions) who seek to learn an in-depth analysis from a spiritual perspective of your current vibration covering the issue/s put forward in your question/s. Readings include pinpointing areas or beliefs that are preventing you from manifesting your desires as well as remedies or suggestions for shifting your energy to a place that will better align you with that which you wish to manifest.

    Each person will be charged a special fee.

    Diploma and Certification Training Workshops

    Asafo Osebo Mer Ka Ba (African Youth Transformation-Rites of Passages) Certification Training ( Three sessions-T-F-S )
    Tufohene (King) Obomofo Ashanti; Ohenemaa (Queen Mother) Faazah Abena;
    Yeefon (Queen Mother) Dr. Abena Gu Merkaba Mawusi;
    Ohenemaa (Queen Mother) Jumoke Dorette Abraham;
    Tufohene (king) Hassiem Ayele Kambui
    For adult males and females with interest in becoming certified and starting Asafo Osebo Mer Ka Ba units [African youth transformation] or Rites of Passage programs for girls and boys, ages 10-21. You will be trained and certified to become a Master IMPI LONDOLOZI (Division Asafo Osebo Mer Ka Ba Leader). Training includes the Golden Fourteen Endowment Purposes, including Rights of Passages techniques. In addition, you will have direct consultation and guidance of Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, PtahRAhene.
    Certification Diplomas Awarded.
    Each person pays only $ 45.00 (Includes book, Psychotechnology of Brainwashing: Crucifying Willie Lynch)

    Learn the Power and Techniques of Egyptian Yoga
    Dr. Muata Ashby, Africentric Kemetic Yoga
    Dr. Muata Ashby discovered the vast philosophy of Shetaut Neter and Sema (Yoga mystical spirituality) practiced in ancient Africa and has written over 30 books on yoga and spiritual philosophy. Muata Ashby also discovered the keys to understand the mystical code of the main traditions of Ancient Kamitan (Egyptian/African religion) known in ancient times as Shetaut Neter. Muata Ashby holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in World Religion and Myth, focusing on African and Indian Religion, and a Doctor of Divinity Degree in Holistic Healing. He is also a Pastoral Counselor and Teacher of Yoga Philosophy and Discipline. He is the founder of the Sema Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the wisdom of Yoga and the Ancient Egyptian mystical traditions.

    Certification Diplomas Awarded.

    Each Person pays only $ 45.00


    Dr. Mwalimu Ndugu Khan and Babalawo Oloye Ifa Kayode

    For those interested in developing their mental and physical. If you are a newcomer to taichi or an experienced practitioner, we hope you will find something of interest. Tai Chi is normally associated with the slow, graceful movements seen performed in parks early in the morning. Its form is a series of carefully coordinated movements, flowing together like a river. These movements are derived from the movements of animals and follow a natural, relaxed pattern. Tai Chi helps to increase the body awareness. This is an exercise which gently increases the body’s range of movement while exercising the internal organs. The slow meditative movement aid relaxation, stress reduction, balance and posture, promoting a better understanding of alternative disciplines for a healthier longer life.

    Certification Diplomas Awarded.

    Each Person pays only $ 45.00

    Rites and Rituals of PtahRA (African traditional) Religion

    Asafo Amakye Maafo, Priest Healer (Akan)
    Obafemi Akintunde, Babalowa (Yoruba)

    Learn how to make Ancestor Shrines, Pour Libation Prayers, Sacred Days, Sacrifices,
    Religious Greetings, etc.

    Certification Diplomas Awarded.
    Each person pays only $ 35.000

    African Naming Ceremony and Finding your African Ethnic Heritage
    Dr. Kwabena Faheem Ashanti, Okomfo and Asante King

    Would you like to RECEIVE an authentic AFRICAN HOLY NAME, or to have your African name announced in a public authentic African Rite of Passage? Learn what African Country (Nation) you are originally descended from. Learn which African ethnic group (so-called tribe) you are descended from. Would you like to know? Then these are that rare opportunity to Mer Ka Ba (be transformed), and learn to DEFINE YOURSELF.
    Royal Certification Awarded.
    Each person pays only $ 35.00


    Dr. K. Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU

    This workshop contains raw and secret materials, however due to the environment in which they will be discussed (an environment that empowers our own people), they will be revealed.

    Certification Diplomas Awarded.

    Each attendee pays only $45.00 for this session.


    For new and advanced priestess and priests of African heritage and heterosexuals
    only. Interview evaluations will be conducted to avoid IMPOSTERS.

    Medahochi Kofi Zannu, Vodou
    Dr. K. Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU, Congo Mbongi
    Adeleri Onisegun, Ph.D. Orisha Priestess and Africentric
    Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan, African Cultural Integrity

    This workshop session is for the continuing education and training of
    African Traditional Priests/Priestess only. Learn the specific theology of
    several PtahRA (African religion) traditions, i.e., Abosom, Vodou, Orisa,
    ect., medical Herbs and plants for healing, Rituals, Priests Education and
    Training requirements for Certification and Licensing by the International
    Board of Healers and African countries, etc.

    Certification of Continuing Education Awarded.
    Each person pays only $125.00

    How to Publish Your Book

    K. F. Ashanti and Kamau Akoma of Tone Books, Inc.
    And Evelyn Shelley of Pen & Press, Inc.

    In 1988, Kwabena Ashanti, the CEO of Tone Books, Inc. developed the concept of Breathing Books TM , and now 14 four years later, Ashanti, Kamau, and Evelyn, open their doors of the concept of Breathing Books TM to others. Because we know all about book publishing, from concept to completion, we can advise and help you to get your book published. Tone Books and Pen and Press are leaders in publishing.

    · Showing you how easy it is to put your own book together

    · Helping you sell your book through the bookstores and the Internet.

    · Teaching you how to promote and market your book

    · Advising you on suitable quantities and costs to make profits

    . Consultation

    We provide quick turn-around for printing and perfect binding of books in small quantities: 50-1000 copies. Our innovative manufacturing facility uses the newest and best technology for professional book printing.

    Each person pays only $ 35.000


    Located in Durham, Historic Stagville comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South. The plantation belonged to the
    Bennehan-Cameron family, whose combined holdings totaled approximately 900 slaves and almost 30,000 acres by 1860. Stagville offers a view of the past, especially that of its African American community, by allowing visitors to guide themselves around its extensive grounds. In addition, Stagville offers the public many learning opportunities.
    The African enslaved peoples who were brought to America, and whose descendants labored at Stagville, were generally of West African origin. They generally came from agrarian societies including the Ibo, Ewe, Biafada, Bokongo, Wolof, Bambara, and Werer peoples.

    1/ Vans and Buses (volunteers) for group transportation to


    Presiding Hosts:
    Dr. David Alston, African Cultural Sociologist
    Dr. Mwalimu Ndugu Khan, Okyeame

    Keynote Speaker: Molefi Kete Asante, Ph.D.
    Modern Father of Afrocentricity, and Asante King

    Candidate For the Sankofa Founders Award:
    Medahochi Kofi Zannu, Vodou Honon (Priest)

    Candidate For the Sankofa Research Award:
    Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan
    The Ancestral Jurisdiction

    ***African Attire, African meals (traditional and Vegetarian)

    ~/ S1~ENEMY OF EVIL\~
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    SpiritualOne ... Thank you for sharing this information with us. We have an Events Forum where such threads should be placed and i'm going to move it there now.


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    I am posting about the SANKOFA, THE RECLAIMATION OF THE SOUL board. Anyway that paragraph was taken from a page on my site called African Spiritual Dimensions at: You will find the same info under Ile Asuwada and also the link that says "New Afrikan Spirituality" on the index page. I am simply asking those that used this to acknowledge where they get the info from in the future.


    News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

    Thank you

    Awotunde Karade
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    Awotunde ... Welcome. I'm sure SpiritualONE did not mean to overlook the fact that any of the above belongs to you. Usually events such as this are encouraged to be shared. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Can you tell me which part of the above belongs to you? I did visit your site but couldn't find specifically what you are speaking about. If you tell me, i'll remove it. We try very hard not to disrespect that which belongs to our Sister or Brother.

    Please let me know.

    Thank You.