Chief Elder Osiris : RELIGION WEAKEN THE MIND !!!

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Come Now and Let Us Reason together, Though Your Sins Be As White As Snow, The Divine Truth Will Cause Them To go. ( Osiris )

Not just religion but all religion weaken the Mind Process of Thought, it prevent you from going where you believed you could not go, which is into the abyss of your Divine Mind, the domain where Lies and Deceit does not reside and belief is an enemy to Divinely Knowing.

Religion prevent you from exploring the inner self and there is where the Divine Truth reside, we Black so call Afrikans have grown to become stubborn in our oppression, so much so until we rather not know the Divine Truth if it is going to conflict with what the Master oppressors have taught us to believe, we even make jokes about our ignorance whenever the Divine Truth arrive before us, not realizing that you can not insult the Master Teacher, not your Teacher but the Teacher of the Divine Truth and because you can not make that distinction, you begin to lead in your objection to the Divine Truth with the Trinity of Evil ( Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy ) being your offense and defense, a True sign of being held captive in the prison of Religion, where a continuous process of weakening the Mind of its Believer go on unceasingly.

There are those Black so call Afrikans who reside in the cess - pool of confusion where Religion is concerned, we attempt to discover a Greater Good in a Greater Evil, by us attempting to bring credence to the institution of Religion, we do so by indicating a False positive and distinction in Religion, as if there is Good Religion and Bad Religion and we do so by prefacing the Religion we Want to be different from White / Arab created Religion, with the reference being Traditional Afrikan Religion, not realizing that there is no such Religion as Traditional Afrikan Religion, in an attempt to imply that our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ancient Melanin infested Ancestors came to this Planet with a Religious Mind.

Beloved, there is no greater insult we can level against our Divine Ancestors than to imply that Religion is the creation of Black so call Afrikan People, Divine we use to be and with a Knowledge of What God Is, The Meaning and Purpose of the Universe and our Divine Black selves, we Black People not realizing that without that Knowledge, we set up ourselves to believe any and everything that is told to us about our Black selves and what our relationship is to be, to a God that does not exist outside of the realm of the oppressors Religion, the instrument that weaken the Mind processes of Black so call Afrikans.

Our Divine First Way Ancestors came to this Planet with clear Knowledge of What constitute the Divine Essence, the Role the Universe has to that Eternal Infinite Source of Divine Reality and what Life role is, in the Midst of that Divinity, which is to Know and Understand the Divinity of the Divine Essence, out from which all things flow.

So when our First Way Ancestors Revealed the attributes of the Divine essence and those attributes represented the Nature of the Universe in Action, with all of its components that could be Looked upon and not Looked upon, they being the Elements in Divine Energy aglow, ( Sun-Stars ) The Elements reflecting the Body Elements that is not of manifest aglow, ( Planets ) and they affixing their image in portraying the Action of the Universe Bodies, revealing the Eternal Infinite Knowledge in reference to the Divine Essence, though the presentation of the Divine Essence being implicated, revealed IT to have Many Attributes, the Central Theme of the Divine Knowledge being, that though there be Many Godly Attributes, there is only One Divine Essence, from which all things Flow, meaning only One God.

So the Pantheon of godly attributes serve to represent One Divine Essence, It Needing, nor Requiring to be Worshiped and nor does IT issue Command nor Demands, to that which It Produce to be Revealed.

So there is no such of a Religion as a Pantheon Religion introduced by our First Way Ancestors, No Symbolic Religion, Just Divine Mental Expressed Spirituality, verifying the Divine Truth and Reality of the divine Essence its attributes being an inanimate and animate representation of Non-corporeal and corporeal form, each revealing an intelligent act of being in Motion with the Beings capable of expressing an intelligent Process that Reveal the Divine truth about all you are capable of Looking at and All you must be qualified to See, such is the requirement in getting to Know and Understand What The Divine Essence ( GOD ) IS And IS NOT.

Our Divine First way Ancestors were Divine Expressionist not Religious Believers, they never intended for the Divine Symbolism to be taken to be Worship as a Religion, the Divine Purpose of the Universe is to be expressed through Knowledge and Understanding, a requirement that the Mental Process must be Divine and uninhibited from Seeing beyond the Physical of our Superficial Reality, a Level where all sorts of Religious Belief reside and the creation and formation of Profane gods become the controlling factors in your Life, causing you to believe in Man created Religious doctrine, that which is deceiving about God, Universe, and Life connection to those Divine Realities, constituting the Trinity of the Divine Essence appearing as ITS Divine Attributes and with ITS very existence verifies to be Only One Divine Essence. ( God )

Divine Energy constitute Many Elements, but all remain attached to its Prime Source, never detaching from that which cause those Energy Elements to be, for example, the Quark, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Proton, Neutron, Atoms and all the other Elements that Flow from that One Divine Essence, all Proving to be that there is Only One Divine Source Of energy and It Reside Within The Divine Essence, that which is The Ultimate Divine Reality That Is Beyond form of a Being And Can Not Be defined.

So Just as The Various elements are attribute of That Divine Energy Essence, verifying that there is no your God and My God, needing to be worshiped, but the religious belief is that its doctrinated God is in want of being worshiped that God being the GOD of your own Creation, having a your Truth and My Truth, such mental wrangling is set on the Profane Level of Belief in a Religion that Weaken the Mind Thought Process, and of a weak Mind, is the Domain of the Devil, Satan, the Lucifer Creator of Religion, regardless whether or not it be Traditional Afrikan Religion or Contemporary Euro / Arab Religion, it all serve to Weaken the Mind of its believer, preventing from Knowing and Understanding the Divine truth About the Divine Essence , Universe, and your Black so call Afrikan Selves, and when such caliber of ignorance sets in, you become what represent that which flow from such a Religious Weaken Mind, proclaiming to be about GOD.

There is no Redemption for the Black so call Afrikan World as long as Religion remain in control of the Black Mind, a Mind that now operate under the control of everybody else Mind and not your own.

Tell me, do you believe that in the White World, Obama would be where he appear to be today, if he would not be a Jesus Follower, no he would not be, beloved, did you not see Obama and Hillary before the Jews this week, did you understand what was Happening ?

Can you believe that you were watching a Ritual of the Rite of Passage for Obama, and Hillary Representing the passing of the Democratic Political Mantel, even if she did not say so in words, she did not have to, her presence spoke louder than any word and now they are saying that the official passing of the Mantel will come on Saturday.

Beloved, it is Religion that Drive the European / Jewish and Arab World and it is that Religion that Weaken the Mind of the Black so call Afrikan World, you being the Target of all Religion, Why ?

Yes, I Leave you to ponder that Question, But You Can not and will not discover the Divine Answer, If Religion Is your Foundation Of Belief.

Yield Not to temptation, Only to that Which Serve As The verification Of that which is Divinely True and Real

Be Kind to Your self, Beloved

Chief Elder


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