Black People : Religion, The Down-Fall Of The Black Afrikan Race

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
There Is No Divine Intelligence In Religion, Just Profane Lying And Deceiving, And You Will Not Become The Divine Nation You Once Were Being Mentally Hog-Tied To Lucifer Religion, Beloved!!!

Religion Is Your Downfall And Master Deceiver, Black Afrikan Woman And Man, Its Foundation Is Believe And Believe Is A Demon To A Mind That Does Not Think!!!

There is no Religion That Is Common To The Divine Mind Of Beyond Ancient Time That Is An Original Mental Staple To The Divine Cosmic Universal Black Light-Glow Infinite Energy Intelligence.

In other words, Religion has no Universal Place in the Mind Of Divine Black Energetic Infinitely Presence, which is the Divine Essence Of All Things Physical and Appears Not to be Physical, Yet Is!!!

There is nothing traditional about Black Divine Beings, all our Divine Ancestors were originally Organic, such be the result that comes from being With, In, and Of The Divine knowledge awareness of what the Divine Essence, God Is, it being the Infinitely Supreme Greater Good, Intrinsic in and of the Infinite Existence Dark Spatial Energy Forever presence.

So you see with a Mind that has you to know, and to know is beyond Looking while Seeing the very presence of the Divine Essence, The Perfect Night Shade of Extreme Infinite presence beyond Light, but is the Divine Essence of Light, It is the Everlasting Eternal Infinite presence of Divine Intellectual Dark Spatial Energetic Existence.

To Know What God Is-Is The Only Way You Qualify To Become God-Like, Beloved.

There is nothing religious about Dark Energy Infinite Intelligent Space, Time, Existence, No Beginning, No Ending, you get to become God-Like, By Mentally Mastering The Awareness of the Theology Of And About The Divine Essence, God.

Acknowledgment is the Divine Code to knowing The Meaning and Significance of Divine Knowledge Of and About The Infinite Existence Of What Is The Divine Essence Of All Things Being and Appear Not To Be, But Is.

Divine Theology Has No Religious Foundation, Belief Is Of That Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being, which usurps the Integrity Of The Mind Thoughtful Existence, having you to become a Religious Believer that is of a Doctrine that is based on Fantasy, Make-Believe, beloved.

Do you mean to indicate to me that you have no Mental motivation to attend a Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat?

Divine Respect


Oct 27, 2019
The downfall of so called blacks is immorality, broken families, and institutionalized racism.

And running around calling yourself Osiris, promoting feminist matriarchy, is just more nonsense.

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