Chief Elder Osiris : Religion Serve As A Wall Of Ignorant Belief, Which Divide Black Afrikan People From D

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    Religion Serve As A Wall Of Ignorant Belief, Which Divide Black Afrikan People From Divinely Knowing !!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe, Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    An action in futility is an act without merit, just doing something just to say you have done something.

    It is the result of your doing that verify the merit of your action.

    Whether you Black people accept it or not, and it being the Divine Truth about Religion that you accept or reject.

    It is Religion that has the Black world so full of self hatred, ignorance, vanity, ego, envy, jealousy, so much so, until you now have Afrika as it is today and Black people full of superstitious Belief, with Religion holding the crown of Lies and Deception, jewels of religion that have Black people so divided today.

    There can not be a coming together of Black people, you who are stuck in the muck of Religion, always attempting to put a spin on religion, just to make it appear to be what it is not.

    It is a fool who attempt to put a lying spin on Experience, it being the Empirical Master Teacher about the Divine Essence, both Universe, and about the Body Life of all living creatures of various and different phenotype.

    Religion is a monster, a cancer that eat at the Mind of Black people, to most of us, Religion is irreversible, it has gotten to deep into the conscious cells of the Mind activity, so much so, to the point that there is no cure for such an infected Mind with the cancer of Religion.

    So, when you see and hear of those Black people who are devout to their Religious indoctrination, there is no point of recover for them, and it is Religious believers that are not to be trusted because they are trained in the concept of Lies and Deception, they are all of the Time, on the job to deceive you..

    Now, how can you determine those who are religious, is it by watching them as they go to church every Sunday, No, is it by the way they speak about Jesus, no, about Hell and Heaven, no, life ever lasting, no, is it how much money given to religious causes, no, then how is it that you can identify the victims of religion.

    Well you can determine who is a victim of religion by the words of religion that they use.

    Such as believe, faith, hope, being saved, when the world is portrayed as Life enemy, imperfection, all are such words that are common to Religion expression.

    So you who are known to be of religion persuasion, by the words you use, as is introduced by religion to its followers, be you aware of your religious infection overtly or covertly or not, religion has control of your Mind, as long as you use the terminology associated to religion.

    To become free from religion, you must liberate your mind from religious usage of words such as belief, faith, and hope, words of doubt with indefinite conclusion about that which you believe in, concerning Religion indoctrination, be it of a committed surrender to religion doctrine or an omitted surrender to religious perception and concepts, all serve to identify you to be a victim of Religious spirit, thus revealing the profane mind that have you to be a victim of religion, whether you confess to be or not.

    The Use of Religious terminology infect you to have a religious personality, if not in worship, then in verbalization, one being associated to the other, revealing a religious association to Lucifer Religion.

    You can not compromise the Divine Truth, you might try to, with the use of a Lie, but Divine Truth will reveal your profanity, every Time.

    So yes, terms like believe-belief, hope-want, faith-uncertainty, all are of religious association, thus having you to be of a religious persuasion, if not of a practicing kind, it is of an acting kind, simply by the use of Religious terminology in your action of self expression.

    Everything is Mind action, and how you use the methodology of the mind activity, become who you are, so be mindful of the words you use in expressing yourself, because words come from the mind and it is the mind that define you and reveal your level of sense of awareness.

    Religion is a potent enemy against Black people, it keep Black people divided, because it prevent you from knowing thyself.

    So, where there is no knowledge of self, there is ignorance about the Divine Essence, (GOD)

    So, religious expression when claiming not to be religious, serve as a conflict in Mind.

    Come now let us Divinely Reason Together, though your Mind is under the influence of Lucifer, The Divine Truth will free you from such a mental defect.

    Afrika is for the Black Afrikan and the Black Afrikan Need to be reunited again, to be one monolith Black Divine Being of a Nation.

    Such will never happen, as long as religion serve as the blockage that prevent a oneness of Divine Mind, among Black people

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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    You could not of put it any better. Like a famous rapper once said "why do I need a religion if I already believe in God." We as black people have too my beliefs that keep us limited to the physical, once religion as we know it is destroyed, then we could get back to spirituality. unfortunately too many people are fooled by religion to understand.