Black Hebrew Israelites : religion (relying on the gin)

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    May 21, 2013
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    i was just viewing the page of one sister. it said "god's first son" i believe. as i started viewing messages that were sent to her, i noticed one of them said that they read some "lost books", and as a result, no longer believe in the new tetstament. these books are lost for a reason. as another person put it "satan has many ways of deception." the scriptures, those that were inspired (please see the word "spirit" in inspire,inspiration,inspired,etc.) are to be read in the RUACKH KADUSH (HOLY SPIRIT). The MASTER said in john 16:13 that The SPIRIT will guide you to all truth. religion has taken the place of relationship. this is why you have so many denominations (demon nations) in the church (baptist,methodist,pentecostal,holliness, and so on). it's also in other religions as well, islam,judaism,etc. Did EYAH inspire adam and eve to write passages of scripture, HU knows. but instead of searching for lost books, why not search for HE who inspired these books. i mean really, which one of you addresses your spouse as hey man, or hey women. what would happen if they found out you didn't know there name? there'd be h....e....double hockey sticks to pay. but some how we've been lead to believe it's okay to address The Creator of heaven and earth as god. and if your going to get into any books, instead of those lost books, master the books that you already know...those 66 that are usually found, bound together on the shelf of your local hotel room. it is because of religion, you focus more on getting everybody to heaven, instead of making sure you'll make it yourself, it's because of religion that my way is right and yours isn't (often times right within same same belief). religion is responsible for 3/4ths (75%) of the murders committed on this planet...all in the name of......religion.....PEACE!