Black Spirituality Religion : RELIGION IS LIKE MARTIAL ARTS

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    Religion is like Martial Arts. Anybody can create their own style but there still remains 700 pressure points where someone can physically hurt you and thats biological and spiritual since it was made from the Almighty.Thats a metaphor of why spirituality is different and more important for one to have than religion.
    The Christianity Martial Art if you will has been perfected and used on us for centuries. Fight back please with what you were created naturally with and thats African spirituality. Spirituality is good will thats absent of all religion.
    Religion in other words are sayings that say you are going to hell or heaven if you do or dont do something or go a certain place or say a certain thing.
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    Well, in my beliefs, we weren't created with African spirituality, but created and set in the Garden with knowledge of the Father, able to see His face even. It was all a given, for man walked perfectly before the Most High then.

    Not certain about "Christianity" being perfected:rolleyes: , but one's faith reaching perfection? Definitely. :D

    I don't buy into one needing to be spiritual without religion, because when on a road of righteousness, I think it comes naturally. Religion, to me, is simply to be bound, restricted, and not wild and all over the place, which I think is essential when dealing in Spirituality, lest you be pulled in all sorts of directions seeing that this world is far more than material and carnal. It(religion) relates to the keeping of the commandments of the Father, and not just any belief system one might happen to have. So, I never believe any can just create one, but can make up more beliefs, usually based on ones already founded. That's how I view it.

    Spirituality is needed with religion, or else you'll simply be doing for the body without regards to what the Spirit wants from you. Many live life this way who say they are Christian, and I believe it's a harm to their faith. It's all important in faith and belief of the Most High, to the sacrificed and resurrected Lamb who He sent for us to be redeemed from our sins and death unto life eternal.