Chief Elder Osiris : Religion Is Black People Nemesis!!!

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    Religion Is Black People Nemesis!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris;

    Religion is seemingly an unbeatable rival against Black people, so what do we do, we without a mental fight, succumb to the wizardry of Religion, an institution that grew to captivate the Mind of an entire World, but more importantly the Black World, so what make us more important, to the point that Religion did set out to seduce the Mind of Black people until the Black World would be made to come to our knees and bow before a False God, would the Human Being Profane world be able to do as they **** Well Please today, if Black People was functioning in our Divine Mind way of Thinking, religion not hiding behind a cloak Divine Truth and Reality but hide in the Day Light of Lies and acts of Deception and because of such flash of religious sorcery that has been performed against the Mind of the Black world, religion has become the main sociological staple that has caused a once Black World to go totally Mental Blind, so much so, until a once Divine People have come to lose all knowledge of ourselves.

    Beloved, when a people wandering around in a world that has its Mind grounded in a religious Dogma and those people know not the Divine Path from whence we come, then by the fact that such a people do not know the Self of the Divine you any more, it give cause for those people to surrender to a religious doctrine that serve as a Gadfly to the conscious of a people today referring to themselves as Black People, we who are now transformed to be Human Beings, and you wonder why it is that Black People act, behave, and believe so foolishly about ourselves and about the Divine Essence today, it being An Eternal Infinite Divine Energy, which we now receive the profane prescription stating that a Caucasian Man is the Son Of God, by the name of Jesus, and Black People do not Question such a proclamation, but rather fall down on our knees in total submission to such a profane fable that has conquered the Mind of the Black World, and today, in our religious counterfeit Mind, we ask such probing question such as, Do black people Need God and is Satan Real?

    To ask such a question about Satan, is to ask the same question about the Divine Essence but in the context of the religious God, because in Religion, With God come Satan, you can not have one without the other and therein lies the fallacy of both.

    It is such a question that show proof to reason, as to why Black People are in the position, and condition, that we are today, in this Evil World, because there are some Black People whose Mind is so calcified, that will drive them to attempt to answer such a question that is over loaded with arrogance of the most foolish of kind.

    There is Nothing that the Divine Essence is in need of that is pertaining to the Divine Essence, the Maker and Molder of All Things, which Mean that all things are of the Divine Essence and the Divine Essence is in all things that It has given Cause To Be, so there is only one thing that Black People need today, and that is our Divine Mental Ability To Think Divinely again.

    Black People, what you need today is a Knowledge of Self, the only weapon that qualify you to defeat the Gadfly of your conscious, which is the Doctrine of a Religion that serve to have the action of a Sorcery over our Mind and anything that has such an appearance of super natural power over our Mind, is the very thing that have us acting to be a believing foolish people, many of us, all clothed in our ignorant intelligence, calling on the name of a Caucasian by the name of Jesus, as we spend our Black Lives defending what is to a Thinking Black Divine Being, an obvious irrational Lie, yet, without the Mind of our Ancient Divine Ancestors, We follow the path of a deceiving lie, told about The Divine Essence (God), about both Divine Universe, and about the Fallen Divine Thinking Capacity Of A Once Divine Black Being.

    It is the irrational Foolish Profane Mind that attempt to justify the institution of Religion, an institution liking its action to being that of a Sorcery, it appearing to have supernatural power over the Mind of the Black World, a World gone Mental Blind, to the point that it can not see the foolishness of its believing ways, a Mind that has no embarrassment when claiming to be that of a Human Being, a Being that came to be the Satan, Devil, and Lucifer, all in one, as the action that proceed from their Mind is the action that brought Black People to our knees and is now praising Satan, The Devil, and Lucifer the Great Deceiver, and bearer of the False Light that shine in the Mind of the human being, whose motivation is to trick and conquer the Mind of the Black World, a Mind that came to this planet fully dressed in all of its Divinity and now is wandering around as a Mind of the Human Being.

    Religion is always in full attack against Black people, Teaching Black People that God is a God with an emotion of Jealousy and is not a God that allow free Will and sovereignty of Life, religion project and portray God to be a God that force people to submit to "Him", and if not, Hell will be your Eternal abode.

    So when it come to Religion, it is always out to trick and deduce you to become just a Believing Human Being and it is religion that condition your Human Being Mind to believe that Hardship in Life is normal and that Evil, Lying, and Deceiving, is no more than attributes of being Human, because the human Being was not meant to be Perfect and it is the Human Being that is comfortable in an environment where Lying, Deceiving, and the practice of Injustice against each other, is in keeping with being Human.

    A God that require a declaration of prayer which mean to offer supplication unto a God that require for you to make your request known to "HIM", such is proof that such a religious God is full of vanity and love to be summon so to hear the cry of the needy, such is not an action of The Divine Essence, Which Is All Knowing, and is everywhere, and is full of infinite power, and It does not need to have a following that will put on sack cloth and self inflict pain in order to serve as a sign of obedience?

    Yet it is the religious God that seem to suggest that in religion, the God love Blood and self sacrificing, and long suffering is claimed to be a test to the religious God, proving to be of devout obedience, all of these Evil and Wicked Virtues are cannons of the institution of religion and they all serve to be a detriment to the Body Life Living of Black People.

    So Yes, Religion, any Religion is a Nemesis to the Black World and only the foolish Human Being mind jump with Happiness at the prospect of sacrificing ourselves in the Name of a Made up God and Son, by the name of Jesus, which require that you must believe in those principles of illusion, if you Want to go to "Heaven" and not end up in "Hell", all because you chose to Know, Understand, and Think, in order to become acquainted with the Divine Essence, that which Demand not, nor Command, because the Divine Essence does not require for you to serve IT, and it is the Divine Being that Know it is for the Divine Being to Need the Divine Being, and such knowledge as to why, will cause the Black World to become once again, One United Black Divine Nation, always in acknowledgment of the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and of ourselves, because then, we would have gotten to know ourselves again.

    As Long As Black People remain Mind Tied In the Profanity of Religion, the Human Being remain free to lie and deceive Black People and as long as Black people remain a victim of ignorant Intelligence, we will remain in the cycle of our ignorance of ourselves, therefore, about the Divine Essence and Both Universe, as we revolve around in our profane arrogance without an ability to Think Divinely, and the World Will Move Closer To Self Destruction, Not The Earth, But The Evil World That Dwell upon The Earth Planet, all because Religion serve to be the Greatest Enemy To Black People.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement

    [email protected]