Chief Elder Osiris : Religion By Any Other Name Or Group Remain A Weapon Used Against Black People

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    Religion By Any Other Name Or Group Remain A Weapon Used Against Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    This Is Not About being against Religion more so than it is about being for the Reclaiming of our Divine Mind, Which Will Best Serve And Protect The Black World, Than To Sacrifice It, To Lies And Deception.

    Tell me beloved, why is Black people so obsessed with the want to justify Religion?

    Why do we have a passion to keep Religion incubated in our Mind?

    Is it that Black people have a fetish for wanting to be abused and disrespected in life?

    Tell me, what has Religion done for the Black World other than to keep it confused about what The Divine Essence Is (GOD) and to keep you looking away from your self for the help that you need for your life, which is within your self?

    It does not matter how you attempt to style it or stretch it and it being Religion, it will never fit the Divine Mind of a Divine Being, Beings of Black people who once displayed a Mind of such High Velocity of Thought, not belief, not faith, not hope, but Divine Thought, the only Mental method of Quality Thinking that will reveal the Divine Truth about Religion and how it serve to be an enemy to the Mind Body Life of Black People.

    It does not matter what Name you assign to your Religious god or who it is or what Ethnic Group that subscribe to Religion, having a belief about a Source Of the Greatest Good, that which manifest an Eternal Infinite Intelligence, capable of presenting to you a Universe that only A Divine Mind is qualified of Knowing its meaning and Purpose within the Revolved Motion of Acton that Maintain all things physical To Be.

    Religion have you attempting to reduce the Divine Essence of All Things to the level of those things that are physical, because of not knowing of the presence of a Divine Intelligence that require no Name, Form, belief, Faith, nor Hope, in order for it to maintain Its Necessary Relevance to all things that are physical and nonphysical.

    So to attempt to justify Religion by the low level Minds that have created a want to personalize a Godly Essence that need not to be personalized, because it Transcend all things physical and is not in need of being Worship by that which It Has Caused To Be.

    What is a Name Other than to fit within the Body Physical Economy for physical and personal purpose of identifying with on a reduced physical level, the Divine Essence is without desire or want, and it need no physical connection in order for It To Have a cause To Be, because it transcend cause and effect, just by Its Divine Reality Things Become As They Are, Physical and nonphysical

    So Religion is a verification of the Mental reduction of believing Beings, you who now function without the Divine Knowledge of What The Divine Essence (GOD) Is.

    So what you do, you create yourself an Institution call Religion with Many Denomination aspect of it, and make claim of it to be the avenue whereby you can get to not know who your religious God Is, and to please it by sending out prayers To such a God that require it, and to believe with Faith and Hope in such a God and that is what cause you to want the God which your Religion has created, to be.

    Religion is prompt to have you to believe that your Soul is in need of being saved by a God that is in the saving business, a God that is not of the Divine Reality of the Eternal Infinite Divine Essence of all things physical and nonphysical, the Divine Eternal Infinite Intelligent Energy that need not save that which It Has Caused To Be.

    If you are in need of being saved and is a victim of Religion, then that mean that you have placed yourself in a dangerous position in life, which now give you cause to believe that you want to be saved by a God you have created for the purpose of confusing the World and done so for purpose for the World to be controlled by a Religion that require for you to believe that there is a God contemplating on saving or destroying your Life, Now and there After, in this Life and in a made up life to come, after Death no longer allow the life of your physical body to be.

    There is a Difference in Divine Spirituality and Religion Spirituality, as plain as there is a difference between what is referred to as Night and Day, Dark and Light, Divine Spirituality represent the Divinity of the Dark Radiant of that which is Divinely True and Real, because it require for you to see that which you see through the illumination of your Divine Mind.

    But when dealing with Religious Spirituality it deal with the illusion of light and it blind you from seeing what you be attempting to Look at and Light is Deceiving, but the Dark is revealing, and in Divine Spirituality it require for you to Think Divinely in order for you to See That which is Divinely Real and True.

    Because you must see, it is a Divine Mind that qualify you to act and behave expressing a Life that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the motion of the Universe, which require for you to know thyself and not to believe about something else that require for you to look away from your self, which is what religion require for you to do.

    Divine Spirituality will have you to know that Life is all about yourself and that all of your Mental and physical action must be about yourself and that you must master the knowledge of the internal as well as the external self, in order to gain knowledge with understanding of what The Divine Essence (GOD) Is To your Body Life Self.

    Religion Spirituality is all about Drama and sensationalizing about a God that has been created by a Mind with a want to control all that the Divine Essence has caused To Be, it come from the Mind of Lucifer The Human Being.

    Religious Spirituality encourage you to Look Away From Yourself and Out To Where it has placed its God to be, in a Heaven that has many mansions and is a God that require for you to worship "Him" and Obey "Him", such a God imply that His Creation Is Not Perfect and therefore you can expect Profanity in the Spirituality of Religion.

    Religion Spirituality is all about the Religion God.

    Divine Spirituality is all about you Knowing Thyself, because to Know What The Divine Essence Is, Is To Know Your Meaning And Purpose In Life, Beloved.

    Religion destroy the Mind quality of the Being, Divine Spirituality verify the Mind Quality Of The Being Soul, and with such Divine Quality of knowledge, All There Is Divine Become As One And Is One, In The Nature Of your Divine Spirituality.

    Religion By Any Other Name Being Confessed By Any Other Group, Remain To Be The Weapon Used To Destroy The Mind Of Its Believers And That Is Why Black People Is In The Condition We Are In Today.

    You Can Take This Divine Truth Or Leave It alone, It Will Remain As Divine As It Is, I Am Not Out To Convert Anybody, Just Sharing The Divine Truth About Religion, The Weapon That Has Caused A Mass Destruction Of A Black once United Nation.

    You DesireThe Fact Of That Which I share Is True, Observe Afrika And A Divided Confused Black Nation Today.

    So that is why I invite you to Read My New Released Book Title: Divine Spirituality, Revealing Information About The Real You, You may check it out by following the Link below.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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