Chief Elder Osiris : Religion And Not God Has Placed A Curse Upon Black Afrikan People

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    Religion And Not God Has Placed A Curse Upon Black Afrikan People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Here we are as Black People attempting to place the blame of our ignorance which is the cause for Afrika and a Divided Tribal Black Afrikan Nation condition on God, as we imply that God is a Imperfect God that go around placing curse upon that which It has caused to be.

    To make such a claim or to assume that God has placed a curse upon Afrika and the Black Afrikan people is to verify your belief in the Human Being Religion. because it is Religion that cause Black People to be ignorant about the Divine Essence (God) and now have Black people placing blame of our condition in the world and the condition of Afrika, on their Religious God, a creation of the Human Beings.

    So yes the religious God has placed a curse upon Afrika and Black Afrikan People which cause Black people not to know what constitute the Divine Essence, (GOD) the God of Divine Intelligent Energy, perfect in every way and action, so the Divine Essence does not have cause to go around being upset with that which It has produced, to the extent It Has to place Demands and Commands on all It has caused to be, only the religious God is of such an evil nature and will render upon you punishment for being disobedient to his commands.

    It is the religious God that place a Curse upon you and that God is the creators of Religion, which make us to be a foolish people who worship such a vain Egotistical, Envious, and Jealous God, the religious God being the creators of the religion that has placed a curse upon Afrika and Black Afrikan People.

    Divine Beings acknowledge the Divine Essence and not worship It, the Divine Essence Is The God of All and such a God does not issue orders and does not Command or Demand anything from that which It has Caused To Be, it provide to you what is necessary for you to be and how you develop yourself is left entirely up to you, there is no punishment or reward that the Divine Essence make promise to you, such a life circumstance is left to the one who is in control of your Mind and if that somebody is not you, then you can rest assured that you have fallen victim to those who are responsible for invoking a curse upon you and it most certainly is not the Divine Essence, the One And Only Divine Infinite Intelligence, the God of All as it occupy a Space that is Eternal Infinite.

    The Divine Essence is Eternally Infinitely Divine, Perfect in every way, so Perfection breed only perfection and Evil breed Evil and it is religion that serve to be evil to Black Afrikan People and that which is evil, curse you into believing in a false God that prevent you from knowing the Divine Truth concerning your Black Life, as you go around believing that your religious God has placed a curse upon Afrika and the Black Afrikan People, how sad and pitiful of a people we have become.

    Look at the Black Race and Afrika, I say look because we are unable to see today, look at the condition Afrika and Black People are in today and you want to contribute your indecisiveness, our Ignorance of God and Self, our dislike for the Divine Truth, and our habit of dependency upon others for our well being, on God?

    Here we Black Folks are, claiming that the Divine Essence has placed a curse upon Afrika and the Black Afrikan, when in fact it is our Religious belief that has a Curse upon us as we carry a habit and an addiction of religion, it representing those who are the creator of Religion and its God, whom you make claim can and dose get angry with you.

    As I have often shared with you, GOD the Divine Essence is a Force of Divine Intelligence and is perfect in Its every action so such a God need not to place requirements upon that which It has caused to be, because there is nothing we the result of God action have that God is in need of, so to imply that the Divine Essence (God) has placed a curse upon Afrika and Black Afrikan People, clearly demonstrate how deeply the ignorance of Black People goes within ourselves, as we blame God for what we have allowed to happen to Afrika and the Black Afrikan Self.

    Beloved, for you to use the Divine Essence ( God) as the source that has caused the condition we now suffer in our Life and to imply as if our present state of self ignorance is our predestined state of condition we now find ourselves in, is to indicate that Evil is predestined and that it has always been a part of the Dynamics of Life and to believe such foolishness is a verification of how deep the religious curse goes in the Mind of the Human Beings and dare I say now, that Afrika is controlled by the Human Beings and the Black Afrikans have been transformed to become of the Human Being Mind which produce a spirit of evil with a nasty habit of glorifying all Lies and acts of deception, caused by the curse of the Human Being Religion.

    As long as Black Folks send out such a message of self pity claiming that the Divine Essence has placed a curse upon Afrika and Black People, such a belief release Black People from taking responsibility for their own inaction and to be inactive in not taking action to preserve Afrika and the life of the Black Afrikan as we wait on somebody to fall out of the sky and rescue Afrika and Black People, is a wait that clearly verify that Religion has a curse on Black People.

    There is only One Divine Essence (GOD) and that God is Divinely Eternal Infinite having no need to make plans and cause hardship to come upon those It Has Produced so to render a curse is an act of Evil and such an action come from the God of Religion,the Lucifer Human Beings of this World.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]