Black Poetry : ReLeasing Me!

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    With feet firmly planted on the ground
    I find myself in a circle of squares, I’m round
    My words makes the loudest sound
    Setting me free from being bound
    It’s the compound words
    That are broken down
    Using adjectives, verbs and nouns
    And my haters love to see me frown
    They pray for my downfall
    Pray that I drown
    My head is held high
    I tip my crown
    This is not my first go round
    I match those who try to hold me back
    Pound for Pound
    I can smell them near
    With the nose of a Blood Hound
    Although I’m grounded
    I stand on top of a mound
    Relaxed after being tightly wound
    In plain sight
    I can be found
    Im that N***A
    Who’s skin is brown
    I’m going no where
    I’ll be around………….
    Focused and setting free
    That which is trapped in me
    Setting free
    What I’m meant to be….
    Setting free…