Black People : Released rison black people still stuck in their SINS?

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    We are probably aware of this but cropping out here and there are articles which state the obvious...

    There is a SHORTAGE of PAROLE OFFICERS to handle this CRISIS across the NATION...

    So so called REHABILITATION of our PRISONED BROTHERS and SISTERS seemingly falls on US...but I still see US into the SAME GAME whether you wanted to or NOT...

    Our community lacks RESOURCES to tackle this HUGE UNIQUE NATION PROBLEM.

    Seemingly though we all get the BLAME with the INCREASE COVERAGE of SO CALLED BLACK on BLACK CRIME through the MEDIA.

    Why is the NATION holding back on RESOURCES to help make a SOCIETY of so called LAW and ORDER?

    Few funds for parolee drug abuse treatment

    Local probation and parole officers stretched thin

    That's the NATION at WORK.

    Oh well.