Black Poetry : Release

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    These are simply purges... at times we all just need to release some of that which is within.

    Tight, tug and pull. The matter of less that matters less than that
    Putting on the hat of illusionary inclusionary, only to become delusionary
    In a fairy tale that is confusing as hell


    Tell me something they don't know
    I can release this but will it flow
    into the ear to create a reaction, maybe a passion that ignites the faction to unite and let go
    Power is the force weighing heavy on the soul
    Holding it within, while taking a toll
    Who pays the fee, who else can see
    that inside the mind... go ahead, set it free

    Freedom will hurt but not you, not me
    When liberation is come, where will you be?

    Let it provide that essence to increase pure power
    For the bell may soon sound, counting down the final hour.

    Release your def, don't hold your breath
    Air Water Fire and Earth, only one remains left.

    Five to become alive, and the rhythm is real
    But this is not which one can taste, touch, or feel.

    Solve this riddle, overcome false realities
    Then will come freedom and true liberties

    Not copyrighted... the energy is free