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Oct 13, 2006
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An Elderly Black couple were in the park, sitting on a bench, holding hands- laughing, smiling and throwing pieces of bread towards a small flock of pigeons. A younger couple were walking by and observed them and decided to ask. "How long have you two been together?" The Elder Wife replied: "We've been together for almost 50 years, we met right out of High School."

The younger couple exclaimed "50 years!! Good Lord!! How did you manage to stay together this long?" The Elder Husband laughed at them and said: " Don't listen to her, we've been together for almost 50 years but we've broken up thousands of times. See you young people, when you get mad at each other, that's it- it's time to leave- you end it. Nothing works like that. If your car breaks down, you don't throw it away, you fix it. And if its a car not worth fix'in, you shouldn't be driving it in the first place!"

The Wife went on to say "What he meant is, this is a Relation ship. Not a Relation boat, but a ship. All hands on deck. It takes work. Life ain't easy, don't expect the ship to be easy either. Don't look for an easy ride. Lots of storms out there. Lots of rough waters. But would you rather face those waters alone? Or would you rather have someone to share those battles with?" The young couple took their advice, and after a very heated argument later on that day, it was decided they were both driving a car that wasn't worth fixing. So they broke up. But they both went on to find partners that could handle the storms along with them.
A Man comes home from work, and just as his Woman is about to open up her mouth he says: "Baby, I go out into the world and I have battles to fight, why do I have to fight a battle when I come home too? Is there any place I can go for peace?" She settles down. She zips her lips with an invisible zipper and throws it under the couch pillow and sits down. "All I want is a time for peace, can we take a time out for peace?"

She puts aside her battling spirit for a moment. He sits down on the couch with her and eases his arms around her waist and places his head on her shoulders. It feels special. In that particular moment, at that particular time while the heat from her heart is still burning, she forgets what all the arguments were about. Perhaps its habitual. A little baby girl comes running in from the other room, the Mother picks her up, and motions her to kiss Daddy. The entire family, sits there, in quite and peace, no television, no radio, no talking - just the presence of one another. Little baby girl needs peace too. She understands peaces. She lays her head on Mommy's chest and allows the rhythm of her heartbeat to put her to sleep.

It is tomorrow morning 7 AM. You wake to the sound of frantic noises in the streets. You look out the window and people are running everywhere. What is going on? You turn on the news, and reports are saying a meteor the size of Texas is headed for Earth. It will be a direct hit. All life on Earth will be destroyed, you have only 7 minutes left. 7:07. the end of life as we know it.

For the next 7 minutes after hearing such news, you will only think about the truth. All the illusions about life will have no time to occupy your brain. Bills, car payments, rent- food- water, none of these things will be of any importance during these 7 minutes.

In those last minutes, we live for love and only love. We live to tell our Mothers, I love you. We live wishing we had more time to show love. Why does it have to end this way? Why now? We prepare our minds of our Creator. But in those 7 minutes, if we are lucky enough to have a loving partner, we hold them. We squeeze them tightly. And the thoughts we have for them in those last minutes are the thoughts we will carry over with us.

Choose your words wisely, because moments are all we have. Words have a terrible habit of defining the moment.

In an average of 7 minutes, we meet people that we will never see again ever in life. Sometimes a Man chooses to reward a passing Woman with his ignorance. A piece of him she will take with her nonetheless, as a representative of why certain desires will never come to pass. And it may take a Woman an average of 7 minutes to run off her grocery list of expectations to a Male solicitor. It takes him less than 7 minutes to vanish.

Relation Ships aren't built on mere words, but the poetry of purpose. A Man never leaves a place he is supposed to be, and neither does a Woman. Its called knowing your purpose in the Relationship. When a Man leaves, more than likely it is because he was in a place he didn't feel he belonged. We belong to gangs, we belong to Churches, we belong to organizations - yet not to each other? Belonging is a requirement for growth, stability and love. But its hard to teach the truth about possession to the "possessed."

Purpose is the gravity and "gravy" of a Relation Ship. No one stays there if there is no reason to be there.

Men and Women find their purpose through each other. If there were a cosmic court, and one had to be called to testify about Women it would be Men. And if one were called to testify about Men it would be Women. True judgment can only be based on how we treat our opposite. A Man is the master of all powers without, and a Woman is the master of all powers within. Within and Without are equations that design reality. In Woman, we go Within through the Womb and find the Spirit World. In Man, we go Without through the Shaft and find the Physical World. What purpose does the Invisible have with the Physical? What purpose does Man have with Woman?

To create life. To create love. To create peace.

In 7 minutes the world ends. No one thinks about what they've done, we think about what we could've done. Ironically, the world changes forever every 7 minutes. The world does end in 7 minutes.
7 minutes from now you will still be thinking about this question.

"If I fell in a forest, and no one was around to care for me, would I make a sound?"
Always deep and stimulating, I appreciate your spirit and mind!
From this perspective, I can view relationships differently then I have before but I now perfer to be the person from the outside looking in and observing. I want to see if its real in real life.
And to answer that question, like I always do I will pick myself right back up. To make a sound would be a waste of breath.
Jaisolovely, your answer is part of the most significant lessons for all Relation Ships in our generation. Another reason why so many of our Relationships are failing is because we are getting into Relationships to use the other person as a crutch. Instead of 2 able bodied beings, and 2 able minds- what we find often is one person doing more than the other. This leads to unbalance.

In your wisdom, you said if no one were around to help you, you would pick yourself up. Too often these days, we get into Relationships to hold the other person accountable for our personal afflictions, then we wonder why they leave.

Again this deals with knowing your Purpose, which means knowing the "job" you are there do to. Folks who manage to grow old together, do their equal share of work to insure the survival of their bond. We are not halves that complete one another. We are already complete, in all of us are the means to "pick ourselves up" we have generations of information stored in us to deal with the storms that show up in Life.

We are creation partners. We come together as one to share the journey.

WOW=Words Of Wisdom!
OutStanDingly Brilliant, MetaSaience!
Much Thanks!


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