Black Poetry : Reinvention (something for women)

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    I’ve been 30
    Since 16 she says
    Having a child young
    Being married

    Not knowing that
    Life is still in front of her
    So much still to do
    Much life still to live

    Maybe she just forgot
    That it’s the possibilities of things
    How the world turns
    Her future still bright

    Living in a stage
    Where her mind
    Often leaves her scared
    Life has dealt her a bad hand

    Maybe she forgot
    How to be happy
    How smiling
    Makes her heart weak

    Melting her frozen heart
    Seems scary to her
    Trust is an issue
    She doesn’t know who to trust

    Love becomes scary
    Cause love weakens her emotions
    Once strong like stone
    Now weakened by imagination

    Wondering if he is just telling fairy tails
    Is their truth hidden by camouflage
    Just another dude
    Wanting to hit the skins

    Not allowing her self to love
    Yet wanting to feel love
    Confusion sets in
    Trying to find her inner-strength

    She cries herself to sleep
    Wondering if she is alone
    In her world of emotional battle
    She says, I need to find myself

    Illusions plaque her mind
    Like fantasies of a world that once was
    Not a child anymore
    Feeding mouths of her own

    Growing up fast
    Not being able to be a child when young
    Loving a boy
    She thought was a man

    Now knowing
    There is a thin line
    Between love and lust
    The realization kicks in

    Her marriage a mistake
    Abused in the thought
    That she had to do the righteous thing
    Being there regardless how she feels

    Trapped in emotions
    Cause her husband
    Treats her like property
    Weakening her self perception

    Men often caller beautiful
    She being in denial
    Questioning every question
    Like, what makes me beautiful?

    Trying to make since of life
    Often wondering
    Why she lives the life she lives
    Always searching for answers

    Confused by depression
    Emotions turn into rigomortis
    Still she fights
    Saying I need to find myself

    Talib Kweli’s words
    Never sound so good
    She only 21
    Realizing what I didn’t until 25

    Reinvention is beautiful
    Allowing one
    To right the wrongs
    They have done

    This rose grew out from concrete
    Now stronger then ever
    She like Giovanni, Lorde, and Angelou
    Finding strength in her diversities

    On the way to redemption
    Finding virtue
    She growing through disparities
    Now blossomed by faith

    She now stronger then ever
    Her disillusioned dreams
    No longer a reality
    She found her strength

    Now walking head held high
    Positive about lives new adventure
    She now rises to the occasion
    Life is becoming better

    No longer locking
    Emotions into safety boxes
    Her final withdrawal
    Self pride

    She becomes
    Intoned with emotions
    Strengthened by
    Self preservation

    I got to find myself
    No longer a quest
    Strong with desire
    She found herself with reinvention
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    I found myself taken in by this tale, wanting the ending to be her new beginning, and so it was. With hope one can find so much. Wonderful write, so good to read you again.
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    awesome poet ya pen flava is hot
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    this piece came from a conversation I had with a friend. This is her story, all I did was make it come alive in this poem. Thank you both for your awesome comments. Tell ya female friends to read it cause some of them maybe going through the same process. Maybe this will help them in some sort of way.