Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Regulation of the Body's cyclical forces according to METU NETER Vol. 1&2

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Oct 1, 2005
According to the teachings of the PRIESTS AND PRIESTESSES of the AUSAR AUSET society, the HUMAN BODY has an underlying web of ENERGIES that must be regulated following certain guidelines that must be practiced in order to keep the body's energies in tune with the PHYSICAL/MENTAL FUNCTIONS that they are designed to empower.

For instance... it is instructed that the person/initiate naturally awake in the morning just before sunrise with the aid of and alarm clock. There is supposed to be natural sensation of heat rising(RA) around this time that should allow the individual to awaken naturally with using artificial means.

It also says that a person should eat major meals ONLY between the hours of
1pm-3pm. The body's temperature rises from sunrise to about 3pm. The body's stomach acids reach their daily high in acidic levels(the peak being around 2pm) during this period, and eating a huge meals during the proper time periods helps prevent a CRAMPED,OVERSTUFFED FEELING OF FULLNESS that one would experience if one eats heavily during the night hours. Lets not forget that these meals are supposed to be VEGETARIAN meals as well!!!

The body cools down after 3pm in order to support the PHYSICAL/MENTAL FUNCTIONS necessary for carrying out certain tasks in harmory with the darkening of the day, like DIVINE INTUITION(from ORACLES or MEDITATION)MEDITATION itself,
TECHNOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES, support the proper functioning of the THYROID GLAND, and SLEEPING.

No heavy activities are to be counducted during the EVENING and NIGHT hours because of this, and those work during the second half of the 24-hour period are corrupting the flow of energy of the body.

Does anyone in this forum follow these guidelines without fault???
Does anyone notice any MENTAL/PHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL changes in following these rules when compared your state of living before doing these things.

Please tell me what you do as far as this subject is concerned.


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