Black Poetry : Regarded as Greedy

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    Regarded as Greedy

    Look I deliver lame with silver frames around my glasses
    Turn towns to ashes grab em make clowns wear sashes

    Flames perk like framework around window panes my blend’s
    Vexed strong like windex with vinegar a winner over again

    My lyrical blasts stronger so they last longer than average
    Got plans savage like Hercules push loads on a carriage
    With my bare hands my affairs stand solid like a marriage

    Conducted in church this has corrupted so much of life
    When I clutch my wife’s waist like slow dance couples nice
    Sex unfold complex from the soul like preaching a sacrifice

    My facts spoil when I come in contact with oil slick and greasy
    Its quick and easy to slip down flip on the ground now breezy

    Wind blow end my flow again I go to the books for knowledge
    Learn and reason earn a season on know how through college
    Like students been told to enroll in Universaties like scholars garbage

    hype are not dollars must gain respect get my name on a paycheck
    Paid in full like EPMD, meditated on pages my educated wages stay correct

    Never come in this silly without visibility the game filled with fog and mist
    Like having dogs piss on a windshield lot of slop them farm hogs like this

    Got a infested mind thinking about domestic swines outcome is ****ty
    Known to be corrupt like Jay-Z I’m all grown up on a committee

    Elite, pitty my feet like ROCK I’m Walking Tall stalking all the bad
    Cats, catch static and scratches in dramatic matches just a sad

    Contest for the best hot, crisp on top of the list a chart climber
    Not a part timer, brave sense stretches like wavelength full heart rhymer
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    droppin it butta smooth and hot flow head bruh !