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    Much concern has been expressed in the Jewish media
    regarding the activity of "Jews for Jesus" and other missionary
    organizations who go out of their way to convert Jews to
    Christianity. Unfortunately, many Jews are ill-equipped to deal
    with Christian missionaries and their arguments. Hopefully this
    article will contribute to remedying this situation.

    When countering Christian missionaries it is important
    to base one's arguments on correct facts. Arguments based on
    incorrect facts can easily backfire and end up strengthening the
    arguments of the missionaries.

    It is rather unfortunate that many well meaning Jewish
    Studies teachers have unwittingly aided missionaries by teaching
    Jewish pupils incorrect information about the origins of
    Christianity. I can recall being taught the following story
    about Jesus at the Jewish day school which I attended:

    "Jesus was a famous first century rabbi whose
    Hebrew name was Rabbi Yehoshua. His father was a carpenter
    named Joseph and his mother's name was Mary. Mary became
    pregnant before she married Joseph. Jesus was born in a
    stable in Bethlehem during a Roman census. Jesus grew up
    in Nazareth and became a learned rabbi. He travelled all
    over Israel preaching that people should love one another.
    Some people thought that he was the Messiah and he did not
    deny this which made the other rabbis very angry. He
    caused so much controversy that the Roman governor Pontius
    Pilate had him crucified. He was buried in a tomb and
    later his body was found to be missing since it had
    probably been stolen by his disciples."

    A few years after being taught this seemingly innocent
    story, I became interested in the origins of Christianity and
    decided to do some further reading on the "famous Rabbi
    Yehoshua." Much to my dismay, I discovered that there was no
    historical evidence of this Rabbi Yehoshua. The claim that
    Jesus was a rabbi named Yehoshua and the claim that his body was
    probably stolen both turned out to be pure conjecture. The rest
    of the story was nothing more than a watered down version of the
    story which Christians believe as part of the Christian religion
    but which is not supported by any legitimate historical source.
    There was absolutely no historical evidence that Jesus, Joseph
    or Mary ever existed, let alo

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    it is no mistake that jewish scholars aren't "telling" missionaries
    what the deal is. So long as there are large numbers of xians
    in the world who covet the "god's chosen" paradigm and share
    strong religious attachments to jerusalem/palestine..., the region
    where jesus the christ is said to have walked, support by americans
    for modern-day israel is considerably secured.
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    yes, I saw the "Jews for Jesus" campaigns and i think there is a lot of trickery going on too, not to discredit anyone's sincerity though.

    But you give a lot of credit and support to the major Zionist Jews though, for their approach is just like yours except that they do credit him for existing, howeve, they detest him and his historical presence because the Bible portrays Jesus, as a Black man, and this is the main conflict that the Zionist have with regards to him.

    They know that Jesus threw down the White Supremacist women, and therefore they could never accept him. Based upon the history, although I know you reject all accounts of Jesus, the Jews and etc. but since you posted this thread I would like to comment, the problem with the Zionist Jews against Jesus has its origins during the Greek Empire times when many Jews were bonding with white Helenistic women, White Greek women. And a Jewish state organized and helped the Romans become established in Palestine. Jesus was an original Jew and because he was Black, he was rejected by the Helenistic kind of Jews and Idumaeans and etc. and therefore, these Zionist Jews detest the hjistory of the Jesus and are still waiting for 'the first coming', I guess. They believe that Jesus was Black and this is the main reason why they hate him, because he came to throw them down for their being watered down. but to add more confusion,

    the White Catholic movement of their idols of white Jesus, is thrown in the mix, and Zionist Jews respond to both issues...but they are ALLOWED TO DO IT...because they actually help the cause of Separation of Church and State... So White Jews like Seinfield and Silverman would appreciate your campaigns against 'the Black historicity of Jesus'...