Chief Elder Osiris : Refusing To Disconnect From Believing?

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    Refusing To Disconnect From The Oppressors Mind Belief System

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    In my hand I hold the White Pill and the Black Pill, take the White Pill and you will continue as your life living condition is today, based upon belief, take the Black Pill and you will See just How Divine The Mind is capable of having your life living to be, based upon Knowing, which Black People, Will You Choose Today, the White Pill or the Black Pill?

    If our oppressors do not define the words we use, then any other definition is of no value to the mind of a slave, especially if it is coming from a Divine Black Mind.

    Take belief for instance, against the Black Mind that has founded its place in Divine Thinking and knows that believing will never over power Knowing, because again, to believe give you a way our from Thinking your way through life and it is full of doubt and uncertainty, but to claim that you know, is to imply that you have used the mental approach to profoundly reason rationally and logically your way through life and in knowing what you know, it leave no room for doubt or uncertainty, beloved.

    Believe is liken to a drug of habit, it give you a false notion of being safe in its use with a limited euphoric feeling, it put you on a mental high that keep you in a state of false mental accomplishment, so does belief.

    Proof and Divine point, is it not true that Black people have been the victim of belief every since we were made to believe, and is it not a fact it is belief that have us waiting on a false God to come and do for us what we should be doing for our selves, which is to save our life and to do what is necessary to make it to be safe in this evil world, is that not a Divine Truth associated with Reality, concerning Black people and belief?

    So tell me beloved, why would you allow one of your own to come into your midst disrespecting you by encouraging you to believe that the Racist Daniel Webster know more about the art of definition more so than your self, you who came from the Loins of Divinity, meaning living a life that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the teaching of Nature, and in belief, there is no Harmony, Order, And Balance, in such an act of expression.

    So tell me Hasn't Black People been using the advice of White folks belief, religiously, have we not?

    Then I invite you to observe the state of condition of Afrika and the life of Black People in Afrika and wherever we have been scattered, taking to our lives to believe instead of doing what is needed to know our way through life.

    A wise Divine Mind see no need to defend the importance of Knowing, because it is Divine knowledge that is capable of bringing the Black life present living condition back to a living condition that is Divine, not belief.

    As I have shared with you, believing is in use by a lazy Mind that rather believe what the oppressors have taught us about life and the definition of words, instead of using our own Mind to define our way in life.

    Believing is an act by the foolish ignorant intelligent user, needing no act of check and balance to support such an act of the mind, but to know, is the act of a Divine Mind, reflecting reasonable, rational and logical intelligence.

    In Medical science, the surgeon must not depend on what is believed to be the healing approach in the act of surgery, the surgeon must act on what is known to be the best approach that will cause the healing, while in the act of attempting to make it so.

    It Is The Fool That Defend The System Of Belief Over The Art Of Knowing, Because The Fool Want To Do Nothing But Believe What Is told To The Fool, And Belief Carry No Mental Responsibility Upon The Fool.

    So Tell Me, In The World Of Words Definition, Is Webster To Be Taken To Be Your Jesus Savior, Never to Be Challenged And Questioned, Regarding his Opinion In Defining Words, (Because That Is All It Is, His Opinion) For Your Lazy Mind.

    It Is The Wise That Know And Use The Method Of Thinking Reasonably, Rationally, And Logically, In Order To Know What Belief Is Incapable Of Getting You To Understand What Is Divinely True And Real To Your Life.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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