Black Poetry : reflections

Sister...I already think you are a sensational poet...especially in haiku
but this piece is of the most "PHENOMENAL" works...I've seen from you
this one moved me to my core...
and as I read....I saw reflections of myself in your struggle...

Now some good poetry

Consider Sage...Officially Impressed... :star:

ps...stop in and let us here you vocalize this flow tonight...
Friday Night Poetry ThrowDown! in Voice Chat -
Every Friday Night @ 8 pm ET
thanks..i love the word much meaning in it...poetry to me is really essence..the core/heart of an emotion...
a fan club...yeah!...appreciate your response
glad you are impressed...always good to have "herbs" in the mix
keeping one constantly experimenting, tasting, trying new and diffrent parts.. thanks for your words...they made me smile///


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