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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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I see you in my reflection as
I peer into the ripples Of the
stream as the blue sky provides
enough light to see your smile;

I see your shadow when I search
For mine as the heat of summer
Rays upon my back creating a
Silouhette formed by your heart;

I see the trees outline your frame
as I peer across the stream when
I hear your voice calling my name
In the midst of the gentle breeze;

I feel your pulse when I seek to
Know if my heart continues to
Beat when the moment arrives
To find its pace has quickened;

I feel my heartbeat echo into my
Soul as I close my eyes to allow
My spirit to be renewed by the time
I take to rest in the dark of night;

I feel the tears roll down my cheek
When I feel your arms around me
Holding close like no other to the one
Whom your heart safely calls home;
8th, already know love...


thansk for the words of encourgaement...i am speechless


i am inspired by the greaceful flow of your words, bro...i am taking lessons from da teacher...


man it's good to see you posting for my bro' i always lack words when you scribe...thanks for the read


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