Black Poetry : Reflection


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Mar 23, 2004
I look back and
I try and find the me
I used to be. I look
back and I try to hear
the voice I used to have.
I feel like I lost myself
somehow in the everyday
of life.
I think I lost my voice somehow
stifled by an unexplained occurrence
I yearn to be the me that used to be
I want to have the voice I used to have.
And yet I know I cant.
I've seen too much
I've heard too much.
SO now I can only be the me that is
The me that I used to be but now
more worn more mature.
I can only use the voice I have now
deeper fuller louder. So
as I look back and reflect
I mourn for the me that I have lost.
But I love the me that I am now.
I stand up stronger and more
ready to handle the world
more ready to speak my mind.
Look out world . I make my return
and there's nothing quiet about it.[/COLOR]
Finding self in the real u from da past u has made u more ready for da world
i now can sit and smile as u journey to be da speaker the voice and power
go forth my sweet and be thee whom u art to be this piece!!!!


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