Black Poetry : Reflect, Review, Rejoice (Aminata's Transition)


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Mar 21, 2001
African Dance Instructor/Cultural Educator
Intro: To my loving family and friends~
Know that this is but the beginning and not the end!!

Remember me for the person I desired to be
~Dancing freely to the beat of African drumming
~Singing and vociferous tribal chanting

My fellow dancers spinning, twirling
~with tenacity, reflecting me
Transforming everyone's blue thought
~Green feelings and fiery red emotions
Into a rainbow of reality
~For when I have died and
All have cried
~I want to look down from heaven
To see all eyes dried, filled with surprise
~At those "Reed like" legs and thighs
Stretching from beneath my Celestial robe
~Soaring, propelled by Angels wings anew
Across the stage of afterlife
~Wishing all of you the peace and serenity
I now feel!
~So when we meet again on the other side
You'll know why my joy is so real!!

©2001EssenceofAminata all rights reserved


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