Black Poetry : Redrum Memories.....

and just like dat...

...that's how the river flows. gotta be careful how you do what you do...coz peeps in da other crews be always watcing you. and death doesn't care how bad you claim to aims to see...just how much love you have for me.

i you love me enough to walk away from death...just because i told you to?

awaiting II
Peace Bk, it's all good Sun.....You don't have to defend me, I know what lurks in the shadows!

Ty Cocobutterskyn - didn't meant to leave you hangin', I got interrupted!

Jus dat nice - pt 2 is on the way

4EverLuv -LOL, it's on the way sis

1poetsought - :bowdown:

sweet apple *pie - ty & yes it was a pretty good movie.

Rich - ty brother

Baller - "am i my brothers keeper, Yes i am"


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