Black People : Redneck Hilly Billy Questions Black People’s Mentality....and I agree with him!!

really ... ?? ... folk call'n us names ... ?? ... here @ ... where call'n names aint allowed?

it aint goin down ... this is a warning ... this thread is closed


Charles IKS ... i've merged your thread with King Tubbs ... in an effort to try and be fair

King Tubbs' title did not call names ... yours did ... Redneck Says Blacks Are Stupid For Being Christian

but i think they are the same topic ... speaking to the same thing ... anyway

i aint finna hear nobody call'n black folk names and tell'n us why they think we're less than

we're each unique, with a myriad of paths to many destinations, look'n much alike in the end

i can't take too much of why black folk are anything somebody don't like

i can't take it and imma need yall not to make me no krazier than i already am

with that in mind ... proceed forward ... carefully





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