Black People : Rediscover , The Higher Potential In You

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    Lo ! All Of You Who Are Indeed Children Of God , The Most High , You Are The True Chrildren Of Eloheem , So Hear And Take Heed To The Jewels Of True LifeThat Will Guide You Closer To The Bosom Of Our Heavenly Father , And A Reawakening For You , To Know That You Are Part Of All . And This Is Yet Another Doorway Of Awareness That You Are In , The < Mental Reservoir > . You Have The Key To Release The Latent Power Of Your Hidden Potential . You Must Break The Spell Of Sleep , Leviathan , Kingu , To Dispel Of It Forever And Many Of You '' Mummies '' Are Waking Up From Your Sarcophagus To Prepare You For The Coming Of Our Lord And Saviour , Ar Rab ''' Isa Al Masih '' Jesus The Messiah . Yet , You Still Must Learn How To Utilize The Power Of The Mind Through Positive Thinking , Meditation And Visualization . If You Have A Goal Set In Your Mind , Visualize Obtaining It , WhenEver You Put In The Mind As Your Goal Is Within Your Grasp . As Proverbs 23 ; 7 , Says So Clearly ; For as he thinketh in his heart . so is he ; Eat and drink saith he to thee ; but his heart is not with thee . ;... Yes , You Can Make It Happen ; The Lord God , The Heavenly Father Elyown El Will Meet You Through Your Positive Meditation . The Lord God Is Responsible For This Mind That Human Being With Their Ego Tend To Think Is Actually Their Own When In Reality It Is Attached To One Central Source , The Most High God , All In All . As The Wise Men And Woman You Served The Master Are Received The Gifts Of Heaven , Matthew 6 ; 33 .. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you ;... In Order To Maintain This , You Must OverStand And Control Your Nature Which Will Give You An OverStanding Of The Capabilities That Lay Dormant Within Your Being . This Is Above Race , And Tribe Or Even Nationality . For Within Nature There Is Positive And Negative . You Must And I Stress . Use Only The Positive Which Will Also Re - Align You With Your Higher Self ; < A Child Of God Place A High Value On Attitude ; Strives Continually To Maintain A Healthy Positive And Dynamic Attitude Toward Life .
    And With This , You Will Be Give Free Will . You Must B e In Control . John 8 ; 32 And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free ;.... By Breaking The Malevolent , Disagreeable Habits That Have Been Acquired Through One's Life Time . You Have Fallen So Far From Your Divinity , All Other Know Ye Are God's Children . Psalms 82 ; 6 , I have said Ye are gods ; and all of you are children of the most High . ;....Also Read John 10 ; 34 . Jesus answered him , saying , is It written in your law . I said Ye are gods ;...It Is Time To Make That Journey Within , To The Real You , The Divine You . You'reNot Merely A Moratal You Are a Child Of God . This Is What The Lord Jesus Christ Was Sent To Teach . Discover Or Rediscover , The Higher Potential Within The Higher Self , As A Living Soul . Genesis 2 ; 7 . And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul .
    Study The Wisdom Found In The El's Holy Torah . El's Holy Quraan , Enuma Elish , Epic Of Creation , Enuma Elish ll , Anshar Speaks To Kakka, The Dead Sea Scroll . And Any Cultrue Book On Nubians History .. For It Will Uplife You , As Well As Take The Mind To Another Level Of Thinking . And Not The Caucas - Asian Story About The Nubians History , Because Our - Story Is A Mystery To Him . :toast: