Black Poetry : Redeemed part III


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Feb 9, 2001
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Feeling you tower,
like a gentle breeze
Felt the ground shake,
it was your trembling knees
You'll have me climbing mountains
Well I got my gear
You'll have the time of your life
Cause I'm the ONE Right here

Let's not leave out the whip,
it just might be fun
Cuff you to a bed post
while I smack them buns
Make you think you're a slave
way back in the day
I'll have your butt singing..
Steal A way

Your love "Shaft" I think
is out of sight
But My sweet lips, are Dolimite
Shiver and quiver, make me scream
And I do have religion called Cum get Redeemed

I too can flow, at any given time
And the Brothers of night
well I got them in line
We have just begun
I'll have the last say
Let me lay lips on you now,get Redeemed today!
I know what you did last night
You were calling my name in sheer delight
Legs sore
But you are coming for more
It’s like a drug
This yearning you can’t shrug
With every hit
You want me to quit
Cause it’s burning you like fire
Carrying you higher
The cuffs on my wrists have been pulled from the bed
After all I get stronger when passion is being fed
Spank my buns, well I’m gonna get in that ***
I might be singing Steal Away, but you’ll be spouting jazz
Shoo be doo and skibble de be bop
Gonna keep stroking with every chime of the clock
12:00 midnight, hear the bell toll
while we give new meaning to rock and roll
clock strike one hit that behind
put you in a daze, make you feel like you’re going blind
clock strike two, three and four
Watcher will have you yelling for more
Clock strike five, six and seven
You’ll be calling on your father in heaven
Clock strike eight, nine and ten
Even though you can’t stand it, you want me to hit it again
Clock strike eleven and finally twelve
You give off an orgasmic yell
You think its over, naw you don’t get off that easy
I still got to make your body wet and greasy
As I explode all over you
Mark my territory like a dog do
You see when I’m about my business, I never get interrupted
You thought you were gonna redeem, baby you just got corrupted.


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