Black Poetry : Redeemed IV


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Feb 9, 2001
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You know what I did last night
or Last Summer you mean
and it's a sheer delight to make you Scream
you may be too Young, little Mighty Joe
so Analyze this,then mabey you'll know
I'm cumming for you, Big Daddy
a black queen I am, American Beauty
Cruel Intentions, I have in mind
give you Saturday Night Fever
so dont get Left Behind
Eyes Wide Shut as you stroke away
you're so worn out,thanking God it's Friday
like a Hurricane with every hump
talking like Bubba, from Forrest Gump
found a Message in a Bottle
this is what it said
I want the Whole Nine Yards
or you'll be Greatful Dead
Is this Mission Impossible
or Return of the dead
can you hang
do the right thing
or do you even got game
just another busta like Citizen Kane?Much Luv
Movie Themes...How cute...

Feeling like Freaky Friday its time to finish this set
give you what you've been itching to get
Like Superfly
I already hit between the thighs
so its time to flow
to another show
Deep Throat
how low can you go
like a lollipop lick
c'mon and turn this trick
stroke it girl and stroke it right
as we are consumed In the Heat of the Night
you might be Cleopatra Jones or Christie Love
but I am the Watcher from above
like Shaft says its my duty
to pump, prime, and please that booty
for Nine and A Half Weeks
I'll have you begging for me
you'll be at The Point of No Return
cause for this pipe you will never cease to yearn
like Pinnochio it never stops growing
and the cream never stops flowing
I'll have you moaning like Bullwinkle moose
thrashing all about fancy free and Footloose
Dirty Dancing and doing the La Bamba
I'll have you crying for dear momma
like a Nightmare on Elm Street
is this real or is this a dream
Who you gonna call
I'm cumming for you, don't dare fall

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