Black Short Stories : Red Jones

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    “Oh I hate him, I wish he would just leave...ahhhh He ain’t bout **** and ain’t neva gonna be ****. Your juts gonna end up being baby momma number four” Yelled Shaquan, Red’s last baby momma. “Girl, Red is the man, he’s pimpin all of us...who’s gonna be his next victim?” Tenesha said jokingly. “Girl, If I had a nickle for every time Red said he’s a good man...I’d have 3 cent...” Monique, Red’s cousin said as she began to laugh...
    Well, My name is Briana and I’m and my girl Cary’s house and they are talkin about his guy named Red, Ive never heard of him and Cary hasn’t either so we sat there as all the girl talked about a man I never knew....but soon I found out...
    I’m not your typical run way model, or your vid-i-ho girl, I’m a big girl and It’s hard to belive that Red, yes, “the playa” Red Jones is about tobe in a real relationship with me. Well, where shall I start? New Years, Aight, That’s a great place to start. It was New Year 2004, and I had just sat down at my favorite place in the world, the bar. I was tired of dancing and men rubbin on me so I had to sit down. Just as I was about to get back on the dance floor this fine *** man, I mean Ginuwine fine, came up and began a conversation. I wasn’t thinkin about what he was saying because I was lookin at his Chocolate complected skin, his eyes the color of caramel, his lips so plump and kissable, and as he talked he licked his lips and that turned me on. “So what is a big pretty woman like you sitting down at the bar by yourself?” I was so shocked I couldn’t find the words to say so I just giggled. “You want another round at the bar?” I just nodded and smiled. We went out on the floor and my song was on...Lil Jon n them. It didn’t even matter what song just as long as it was Lil Jon. We began to dance and we were so close, I could feel the cool air from his breath come down my chest. Then a slow song began to play, I think it was “I wanna love you” by Ashanti and he began to grind on me. I was thinkin to my self :: Self, if he dance like this, just imagine what he’ll do in bed:: He Came to the front and I started rubbin on myback. He took me to a wall in the back of the club and began to kiss me and then He satred grindin on me. The I got back ionfront a started backin it up him very slow. I could feel a buldge in his pants. “So what’s your name?” He asked as he began to kiss my neck. “Breezy, what’s yours?”. “Reggie, but you can call me Red.” Around 2 somethin we were very acquainted with each other. At 2:30 left, I went to the Waffle House, cause all that dancing made me hungry. I was sittin down and my girl, Pookie came up to me and was tellin me about this fine *** guy in the parking lot...Well, pookie was the girl that we called “CHANNEL 9” she knew **** before **** happend. Pookie was in everyone’s business cause she didn’t have any of her own. She went on about 15 minutes. “Girl, there he is.” and then he came in, and to my surprise it was Red. Lookin’ fine as ever she went up and hugged and introduced us. “Bri this is Red, Red, this is my girl Bri.”
    “Nice to meet you,” and he kissed my hand. I almost went crazy. I knew he wasn’t tryin to really holla at her cause baby girl is GONE. “We’ll I’m bout to go home,” Red stopped me and asked me did I need a desiganted driver. No, I really didn’t but Red looked so **** good, I had to let him take me home. We walked in my 2 bedroom apartment. My roomate was out of town on business and I had the place to my self. We sat down on the couch and began to kiss, slowly he took off a piece of my clothing, and vice-versa. I led him to the bedroom. As I got on the bed, his cell phone rang. “Uh hello? No, I won’t be home tonight, I’m out on business.” I wanted to ask him so bad who that was on the phone, but that was none of my business. WE ****** for about and know when a ***** is at his best when he ***** cause he goes straight to sleep...all the dancin paid off. At 6:15 am his cell phone rang again...”Hello, Yeah, I’m bout to come home.” He woke me up, I was about to get dressed and he told me that I didn’t need to bother, He got up and kissed me good bye, he left his cell number and told me to call him whenever, He took a cab back to The Waffle House, because that’s where he left his car. When I arrived at work that monday, Tenesha Givens kept givin me the eye, so I walked over to her asked her what the problem was. “You, ya fat *****.” I was callin is so highschool . I didn’t know what I did so I went to her. “You ****** my man. He was at your house, this weekend. I called him. Pookie told me that she saw him leave with you. He didn’t come home til 6. He cheated on me with a fat *****?” She began to get loud. Lawd knows I wanted to jump on that skinny bald headed *****, but **** I was at a place of business so all I said was, “If you were takin care of business, you wouldn’t have to worry about him ****** this fat *****.” She was pissed the **** off. I went home for my lunch break and Lil Kim was there (He’s my gay roommate. His real name is Kenny) and Pookie was sittin there with her nosey ***. Lil Kim said he smelled sex in the air. I just laughed and went in my room. “Kim, I know they did somethin’ he came back to the waffel house at 6 in the morning”. That evening I came home and Red leta long message on my machine and Pookie told me everything on the message before i could get to it...It didn’t believe her so I had to hear for my self....”Bri, this is Red. Uh, I know you’re wodnerin how i got your number, Pookie gave it to me. Anyway, I was wonderin if I could take you out on a date, be cause I feel like I’m gettin attached to you and I wanted to know...Well, call me back on the cell.” I started thinkin to myself ::self don’t get attached:: On our date he told me about Tenesha, and he told me that they ****** one night and she has been stalkin him every since. Then he told me about Shaquan, he said that he just visits the kids on the weekend. From that day on we spent each and everyday with each other. Lil Kim was gettin mad at me because I spent less time with him and More with Red, Kim, said that he has to approve of Red, so I brought Red by to see Kim. “Hi, you must be RED?” Kim turns to me. “Gurrrl he fine, you need to keep that.” Kim kept checkin Red out and Red became very uncomfortable around Kim. I told Kim to stop starin because he was Makin the man of my DREAMS nervous. “Bri, like I told you before, I have a GAYDAR (gay radar), and babyboy has the qualities of one.” Yeah right, the man of my dreams gay? “Look how he’s sittin readin that magazine. His legs are close together...” I don’t know what that means. “...and look at the shirt he is wearing...” “Bri, I thought we were lookin for thug ******...” Why is Kim hatin? I found me a man and he is HATIN hard “...My pants aren’t even that tight...” “Kim, shut the hell up, Me and My FINE *** man are leaving.” Me and Kim stop talkin for a while, I wasn’t gonna be the first to talk (I ain’t kissin ***) Kim, was invited to the club with this girl, I didn’t want to go...but I told him if changed my mind i might go. “Club Legends...that’s the name of the club...It’s a gay club.” Never ended up goin to the clubthat night. A few months later the relationship between me and Red became very serious and I was gettin attached. I dissed all my friends for him, I was beginning to love RED...Then one day, you remeber Tenesha? Well, one day that skinny heffa came upto me and was crying... ”He’s so stupid. I’m pregnant again, and it’s red...he’s not takin responsibility for my baby...I’m still in High School I don’t need kids.” Tenesha was in High School and I didn’t even know it...”I’m 17...” I wanted to fight a child. ” stupid...” That night I called Red...He told me everything, Tenehsa was just lyin so I would leave Red....naw that is my baby I am not leavin him...but what did a 25 year old see in a 17 year old? Monique, Red’s cousin called me around 12 that night, “Bri have you seen Red? He went somewhere with my roommate Cami...Is he over there?
    “Girl,” Kim busted in my room at 2:17 “Girl, Wake up...Wake up...I saw your man at the club tonight...and he was bumpin. He was dressed very elegant and he was with some dude that was dressed very elegant...Girl my GAYDAR went off tonight.” Kim is so jealous why does he want my man? Why can’t he be happy for me? “...So girl I had to go ova there to introduce myself to red’s friend...and girl he is gay....I gotta man” Whew...Kim doesn’t want Red...I didn’t see Red that whole week and Kim hadn’t talked to Red’s friend...WHOA WAIT A MINUTE...RED’S FRIEND IS GAY? I had to call Red “Oh, Cami is just my cousin...” Cami? “It’s short for Cameron...Oh I don’t know why he hasn’t called Kim, Kim is very attractive...” What? Did he just say what I think he said? “Yeah that is what Cameron told me” Good I thought he was checkin out KIM...”Let’s go to a club this weekend honey....” A CLUB? .” Red is GAY? OH my god...I thought he loved me? He is Gay...I Dissed Kim...and the love of my life is gay? That’s why he danced so good? I went to the club that night and sure enough I saw Red dancing but I only saw his back...I walked up to him and...He was dancin by himself? What? RED??? “Oh hey baby? Wh...Wh...What are you doing here?...You came here with Kim? Oh where is Kim?”
    “Red, here’s your drink. I hope you enjoy.” Who the hell is this ***** talkin to my baby?
    “Red, boo are you thirsty?”
    “Don’t call me Boo...****, My cousin to take you out so you could have a good **** time...**** this **** and my girl are goin home.”

    Whew, Red isn’t gay, Red ain’t cheatin on me...
    **** I LOVE RED.
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    nice well done story